Employees Tackle and Arrest Man Not Wearing Mask in Canadian Department Store

I Can't Breathe by sniggie is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Canada is sometimes known as a more polite version of America.

But you can throw that out the window, especially now during this permanent worldwide pandemic.

In addition to woke Canadian leader Justin Trudeau putting in place strict penalties and border closures such as mandatory detention and supervision for Canadians returning into the country, the Great White North is a very, very conformist nation.

Not only are masks mandatory, but challenging what the health authorities say is seen as absolutely not kosher in any circumstances.

Do what you’re told and shut the hell up: welcome to Canada.

It’s no wonder that 1776 happened in America, not Canada, just look at the obedience and apathy of Canada in relation to almost any issue ever.

However, not all Canadians like to lay down and take it. Recently a fight broke out in a Canadian Tire department store in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver which is a few hours north of Seattle.

The fight was over masks.

Handcuffs with black background by JobsForFelonsHub is licensed under CC BY 2.0

‘My Human Rights are Trumping Your Bullsh-t Mask Mandate!’

The man apparently made the mistake of thinking he lived in a free country and shoved an employee after being told to put on a mask once he came in the store.

Employees then reportedly told him to leave several times and he refused, which is when a video shows the workers approaching him and restraining him onto the ground with handcuffs.

The man shouts that they should back off, yelling: “my human rights trump your bullsh-t mask mandate” and “get your f–king hands off me!” before being tackled to the ground by a group of workers and having his hands twisted behind his back until he can be cuffed.

As he’s being restrained the middle-aged White man yells: “I can’t breathe” several times, at which point the employee who has him in a chokehold relaxes his grip and then lies saying the man is lying.

Can you imagine for half a second what would happen if the man being taken down was Black? Media from New York to Australia would be going absolutely bonkers over the horrible racism of Canada and its mistreatment of a poor black man. Department stores would be burning with social justice within hours.

Police Respond to the Incident

According to authorities who went back to the store and did interviews and analysis of what happened. They are still looking into exactly how the fight took place and whose side the law is on in this situation.

If the man is smart then he’ll have a good lawyer on his side, especially if he wasn’t wearing the mask due to a medical exemption, since masks are physically dangerous to people with some medical conditions.

Apparently Canada isn’t as compliant as everyone thinks it is. In Burnaby alone, which is just a mid-sized area of Vancouver the police say that there have been over 50 complaints about non-mask-wearing and a number of other incidents including tickets for hundreds of dollars to business patrons who refused to wear masks in various situations.

Burnaby police also went to break up a house party and found “at least 10 people,” at which point they fined the host of the party $2,300.

While this incident in the department store looks like the man came in looking for a fight, we can’t know for certain yet about the full context and it’s worth watching for what the authorities say happened in the end.

It’s clear that Canada is certainly not a free country today and that America is increasingly going down the same path to becoming a full progressive police state.