Epidemic of Police Killings in 2021

If you believe the liberal media, then there’s a huge surge of violent police officers killing black people for no reason.

It’s part of what sparked last year’s huge BLM uprising and riots; it’s also a staple of the left’s “defund the police” argument. 

The truth is the opposite.

There’s been a massive rise in killings of police across the country, driven in part by the rhetoric promoted by the liberal media and their big tech partners. 

40% Increase in Police Deaths in First Half of 2021

Looking at the facts shows the awful consequence of anti-police propaganda: dead police officers. 

There’s been a 40% increase in police who have been fatally shot, stabbed, run over and killed in the first half of this year. Blue cities in particular have seen murder spikes that are truly alarming. 

So far in 2021, there have been 38 police officers killed in the line of duty; this is more than a 40% increase from the same time period in 2021. 

Going back further makes the numbers even worse: this is a 73% increase from the statistics on officers killed in 2017, for example. 

A History of Anti-Police Violence

Police go out every day to protect other citizens and many don’t make it home. This year has seen some truly horrific violence against cops. Take for instance the beating death of Iowa Correctional Officer Robert McFarland who was bludgeoned to death with a hammer in March.

Let’s also not forget the April car ramming of Capitol police officer William Evans by a black supremacist terrorist; this comes on top of the shooting death of Sergeant Dominic Vaca in San Bernardino while going after a suspect.

Another example of anti-police violence involves Officer Jared Winum in Virginia, who was shot to death multiple times while trying to do a traffic stop…and these are just a few examples. 

FBI Director Chris Wray called this year a “troubling uptake” in anti-police violence during comments he made several weeks ago in Congress.

That’s a major understatement. 

We are experiencing an epidemic of anti-police violence. 

The Crime Wave Continues

The vicious assaults and murders of police officers works out to about two killed per week; there are also far more than those who die accidentally or from dangerous circumstances while trying to do their job. 

Part of the reason is the awful crime wave we’re in; cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Baltimore are seeing huge increases in shootings, rapes, robberies and assaults. 

Take even a city like Atlanta: so far for 2021, the city has seen murder go up by 58 percent, rape by 98 percent, assault by 28 percent and car thefts by 46 percent.

Those are bad, bad numbers!

We need to back the blue and support our police officers. They’re out there doing dangerous work to keep us all safe. 

Let’s show some appreciation.