Evangelist Pat Roberston: Putin’s Invasion is Fulfilling End Times Prophecy

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shocked the world. Civilians military members on both sides are dying as Ukrainians rush to defend their country.

Even now, a 25-mile long column of tanks and assault forces is approaching Kiev. It looks like a scene from a World War Two movie, but it’s in eastern Europe in 2022.

Geopolitically, the world is on the edge of a cliff and the topic of nuclear war has once again come up. Religiously, some are warning we are now entering the End Times foretold in the Book of Revelation and Christian scripture.

One of those sounding the alarm is preacher Pat Robertson, who is speaking out from retirement about his beliefs concerning Putin’s invasion.

Robertson Says God Forced Putin to Invade

According to Roberston, the war that is now going on is all according to Biblical prophecy. In fact, Roberston says the Spirit of God is behind everything happening as we move towards the Apocalypse and return of Jesus Christ.

Roberston claims while it’s true Putin might be “out of his mind,” it’s also true he’s being “compelled” by the Lord to do what he’s doing. Robertson says Putin’s real goal is not to hit Ukraine, but “ultimately” to attack and destroy Israel.

This is in accord with biblical prophecy, which foretells a final battle in Israel leading to Armageddon.

Robertson says this is all coming to pass. Russia will then use Ukraine as a “staging ground” to stage further attacks. This will then lead to a partnership with Turkey and an eventual final battle in Israel between the East and West.

“It’s going to happen,” Robertson warned.

Experts might point out that Turkey is opposed to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and is a member of NATO, which would have no reason to partner with Russia against the West.

War is Coming, Like It or Not

Speaking further, Robertson said God will “draw” people into the coming war, whether they want to be involved or not. That includes Putin, who Robertson says that everything is going according to God’s word.

Robertson is very focused on the End Times and previously predicted the final battle of Armageddon was coming in 1982, 2007, and 2020. He was wrong each time, but that hasn’t stopped him from issuing proclamations.

Furthermore, the Bible says no man will know when the end of the world is coming, except Christ himself, which also contradicts Robertson’s claims.

Nonetheless, while some are mocking the televangelist, others think he is on the money.

The Bottom Line

Robertson may have been wrong about the end of the world in the past, but that doesn’t mean he’s not onto something this time.

Even if his Biblical understanding is off in some ways, the chances of the Apocalypse are definitely getting closer by the day.