Ex-MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Issues Chilling Warning About His Former Employer

Chris Matthews used to host a political show called Hardball on the far-left network MSNBC. Despite being very much a Democrat, Matthews hasn’t drunk all the Kool-Aid of the far left.

He’s not big on socialism, woke gender politics, and extremist race-baiting insanity. For that reason, sexual harassment accusations were drummed up against him.

Then, he was kicked to the curb to make room for less white, less centrist people at the extremist network. Now, Matthews is speaking out, and he’s not amused…

Matthews Slams MSNBC

Tweeting that he’d warned the network they were going too much to the “far-left,” Matthews recently got a storm of angry abuse from progressives.

This guy may seem like a loudmouth; he’s definitely not respectful to conservatives, but he’s also far from the worst out there. Think about the fact his chair at MSNBC was replaced by conspiracy theorist racist nutjob Joy Reid.

When this insane woman isn’t claiming Trump is some kind of Russian spy, she’s accusing America First conservatives of being black-hating Nazis who want to execute Nancy Pelosi with their bare hands.

She’s an absolutely insane, racist individual. Chris Matthews looks like the voice of reason in comparison.

However, as he said, MSNBC moved so far left, it managed to sink any chance he had to remain on the network. Vague accusations that he was sexually inappropriate in some undefined way were enough to then push him off the air.

Leftists Want More Leftism

Leftists are demanding to know what Matthews means by this, and savagely attacked him on Twitter when he said this. They demanded to know why he wasn’t more focused on the January 6, 2021 “coup” by MAGA protesters.

They demanded to know if he was drunk or mentally ill. One poster linked above, demanded to know what exactly America has moved too far left on. For the left, this is a fair question, because for them, there is nowhere too far left. 

If we had communists marching in the streets of America and arresting conservatives for not having vaccines, Joy Reid would be waving pom-poms and cheering. Just for the record and the chance that a few leftists might wake up, here’s a brief rundown…

Where We’ve Moved Too Far Left

Here’s a brief list of bullet points of where America and places like MNSBC have moved too far left.

  • Saying gender isn’t real
  • Mandating vaccines and ineffective masks
  • Shutting down business with government regulations
  • Abandoning Americans in Afghanistan and leaving the nation to terrorists
  • Legalizing drugs and letting blue states go to hell
  • Lowering bail and letting violent criminals out of jail
  • Reducing penalties for gun crime while trying to make 2A illegal
  • Pushing a radical green communist agenda at the expense of the American people

That’s just a start! Wake up MSNBC! Chris Matthews is 100% right.