Extreme Progressives Are Trying To Take Over the English Language

Every year, dictionaries around the world consider new words to put in. The main way they decide is based on whether new terms are culturally or scientifically important and being widely used.

This year, one dictionary service, namely www.dictionary.com, added over 300 new words and changed the definition of over 1,100 existing words.

This includes a number of far-left woke terms that aren’t actually real and refer to mentally ill delusions existing solely in the cultural progressive imagination.

Are You With Me Folx?

Various new words include “folx,” “pinkwashing,” “queerbaiting” and “abrosexual.”

Folx is a “gender neutral” term for folk that is supposed to include everyone regardless of whether they “identify” as a male or female.

The word “folk” is already a non-gendered term, but this wasn’t enough for the wokesters at Dictionary.com. They needed to virtue signal and join the genital cutters with this new addition.

Then, you get to a word like “woke,” which Dictionary.com warned is used to “disparage” people. Maybe it’s used to disparage people because being woke is harmful and delusional.

According to Dictionary.com chief Dara Sanderson, this isn’t about a cultural or political agenda and is just about keeping up with the times and the ways people are using words.

What About Those Other Strange Terms?

“Abrosexual” supposedly refers to people who change their sexual orientation unpredictably and thus aren’t otherwise included on the LGBT rainbow spectrum.

“Pinkwashing” is when corporations and companies use LGBT messaging to pretend to be virtuous and cover up their greed and corruption. In other words, it’s the attempt to use gay and non-straight identities to score points with audiences and win approval.

“Queerbaiting” refers to when shows, books, etc. have characters of the same gender or trans identities who seem like they might be romantically or sexually involved, but who are not officially.

Leftists consider this offensive. It implies there is something shameful about being gay and keeps “teasing” them with a maybe about gayness to keep their interest while never actually delivering on that gayness.

Another Strange Word

Another strange word that’s been added is “Latine,” which supposedly means somebody who is descended from Latin Americans.

In other words, it’s an attempt to do better than the previous woke attempt to use Latinx, which nobody used and most people realized was absurd.

“Latine” is also an absurd word that nobody will use outside of woke academia and race-baiting activists.

The Bottom Line

The far left wants to replace and take over the English language and fill it with woke, insane nonsense. The solution? Don’t say any of their words and laugh out loud or walk away from those who do use them.

These aren’t real words or terms; they don’t deserve a real response, nor any official respect, regardless of what woke dictionary nerds think by including them.