Facebook and Twitter LOCK Trump Out of His Accounts

Donald J. Trump at Marriott Marquis NYC September 7th 2016 by Michael Vadon is licensed under CC BY 2.0

President Trump was banned from Twitter on Wednesday night for twelve hours, after posting several tweets that Twitter claims could lead to violence.

Despite issuing a video calling for rioters to go home peacefully, Trump was blocked out of any further tweeting and sent to Twitter jail. If he does more violations he’ll be permanently banned, according to Twitter.

Facebook jumped on the bandwagon, too, suspending Trump’s account as well.

Social Media: Free Pass for Leftists, Bans for Conservatives

The game being played by social media giants like Facebook and Twitter is perfectly obvious to everyone who is not a progressive. They allowed Kamala Harris and Joe Biden to talk about fundraising for bail for violent BLM and Antifa extremists last summer but now they don’t like Trump’s tone so they suspend his account.

Sounds fair, right?

It’s become crystal clear that Big Tech has a hate on for conservatives and wants to shut down free speech in order to push a leftist agenda. The “fact-check” feature constantly tagging onto Tweets, for example, just makes it all the more obvious which lies are allowed and which ones aren’t.

We can still hear the thoughts of Louis Farrakhan or Ayatollah Khameini, but Trump is a bridge too far. Is anyone really buying that Twitter and Facebook aren’t politically biased?

twitter by hankenstein is licensed under CC BY 2.0

What’s Next?

If Trump leaves Twitter then there’s no doubt that other platforms could become more popular such as Parler and GAB. If Twitter loses one of its biggest superstars its ad revnue and importance in the news will go down considerably: somehow Joe Biden’s professional, always moderate tweets do not seem like they will draw anywhere near the same amount of attention as Trump’s tweets.

Here’s the deal: Twitter and other Big Tech platforms don’t have the moral high ground the way they think they do. They allow threats and misinformation about conservatives and Christians all over their platforms every day.

They have no position from which to fairly judge what’s acceptable or not when they’ve allowed constant incitement and violent rhetoric on their platforms as long as it’s from the progressive side.

Case-in-point? Salon and Daily Beast columnist Arthur Chu, who tweeted that Capitol Police killing unarmed libertarian Trump supporter Ashli Babbit was a “good thing.”

Chu, who’s also been a contestant on Jeopardy! took his mask off and let his progressive hatred out and let’s just say it’s genuinely disturbing. But not enough for Twitter to remove his account, apparently. No, that honor is reserved for President Trump.

The hypocrisy and hate from the progressive left is galling. They cheered on violent mobs all summer and have backed the destruction of small businesses for months now, but when anger finally reaches the tipping point they act like the most innocent angels who ever existed. Not to mention that suddenly progressives seem to support the police again, as long as police are cracking down on conservatives.

What about replacing police with social workers? What happened to that idea? Maybe the people who stormed the Capitol just needed some good counsellors to talk about their feelings with or their gender identity. Right?

Twitter’s ban of Trump shows how one-sided they really are. As they continue to drive conservatives off their platform by allowing progressive hate and laser-targeting anyone who’s to the right of Mao Zedong they will lose interest and gain powerful opponents who will eventually help fund and encourage alternatives to their narrow domain.

Florida State Representative Anthony Sabitini put it very well:

“You hypocritical clowns didn’t ban a single Leftist pundit when they pushed BLM and Antifa to burn down our cities down.”