Failed Democrat Beto O’Rourke Goes Berserk on Texas Governor

Failed presidential candidate and far-left Democrat Beto O’Rourke wants to run for governor of Texas. He has a surprisingly large amount of support in certain areas of the state; although Texas remains deep red.

Two of O’Rourke’s signature issues are abortion and guns. He agrees strongly with unlimited rights to abortion, yet disagrees strongly with the Second Amendment and currently existing gun rights.

To make his point clear, O’Rourke attended a press conference at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on Wednesday.

Officials, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott, were gathered to talk about the horrific shooting on Tuesday that killed 19 kids and two teachers.

O’Rourke was there for quite a different reason. He was there to troll.

Beto Goes Berserk During Press Conference

During the middle of the press conference where Abbott and members of law enforcement were discussing what was happening, O’Rourke started shouting from the back.

As police and Abbott talked about any updates and about the danger of mental illness and social problems leading to these kinds of tragic events, O’Rourke shuffled forward, demanding to be heard.

Police stood up and told him to sit down and be quiet. After all, this was not a political event. It was a time when state authorities were there to talk about what happened, not to hold a town hall about it.

However, O’Rourke is running for governor in November. He wanted to use this horrific day in the state of Texas as a chance to grandstand the need to crack down on guns.

He said this was Abbott’s chance to prevent “the next shooting” but instead, he accused the governor of “doing nothing.”

Police told O’Rourke to leave the gymnasium immediately and he was drowned out by the anger of many onstage.

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughin called him a “sick son of a b**ch” for using the tragedy as a political opportunity. O’Rourke said tragedies like this are the fault of pro-2A people.

McLaughlin snapped back that it was actually “on you” towards O’Rourke, referencing the desire of people like O’Rourke for more gun restrictions and gun-free zones.

Is O’Rourke Right?

The discussion over who should own high-powered weapons and why is going to heat up in the coming days.

In the state of Texas, 18-year-old shooter Salvador Ramos could only legally have a handgun if he’d purchased it from another state resident.

The AR-15 may have been legally owned. Discussions about further background checks and restricting the age of those who can buy guns will intensify in coming days.

What is for sure is O’Rourke is a cynical guy who knows merely making laws against gun ownership won’t stop the kind of psychopaths who want to murder people.

He’s hoping to get elected and many Texans disagree with his philosophy.