Far Left Gets Humiliated in Public

Madison Cawthorn is a Republican member of the House of Representatives for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional district. At only 26 years old, Cawthorn is the youngest person in Congress.

He’s made some waves in the past, including his recent accusations that high-ranking members of Congress invited him to orgies and have done cocaine around him.

However, one thing is clear: Cawthorn isn’t scared of a fight, and he’s taking on the left full throttle.

His latest move was to get up on the floor of the House and humiliate liberals about their refusal to define what a woman is. Cawthorn is a nice guy and decided to help them out with a definition.

‘XX Chromosomes, No Tallywhacker’

Speaking to the House, Cawthorn said the left is engaged in a program of radical brainwashing against our kids.

This is more than just a random accusation, as we saw recently with Disney and their campaign to sexualize cartoons and introduce far-left gender ideology into their theme parks and shows.

It goes much further than that, of course, with progressive ideas of transgenderism and gender being injected into school curriculums and our education system.

The point is Cawthorn wasn’t just ranting about nothing here. He’s talking about an actual problem that’s going on in America.

Saying he’s sick and tired of the left having a “war against biology,” Cawthorn went on to define what a woman is: “XX chromosomes, no tallywhacker.”

This humorous way of explaining the chromosomal difference between a man and a woman also happens to be true.

The left is mocking Cawthorn, saying he wants to “control” what a woman is, but that’s the thing: neither Cawthorn nor anyone else is controlling what a woman is because nature already does.

The Left’s War Against Science

The left loves to talk about how we all must “believe in science.”

Yet, the irony is large portions of the left literally don’t believe in science or scientific evidence. This is especially true of biological sex, where radical professors and theorists took the term gender and twisted it to mean something other than sex.

By turning gender into something you “identify” with, rather than an inherent identity that corresponds to having a penis or vagina, the left introduced another element of confusion and chaos into American life.

Enough is enough, and they deserved this humiliation from Cawthorn. He may only be 26, and he may have a big mouth on him, but Cawthorn is factually correct.

Meanwhile, even older members of the Democrat Party, up to Joe Biden, won’t say what a woman is.

The Bottom Line

It’s time for all of us to get onboard and flood social media and Democrats with reminders of what a woman is.

These fake feminists and anti-science freaks need to be reminded that facts are still facts, despite their cultural Marxist fantasies.