Far-Left High School Counselor Exposed For Perverted Crime

American schools are crucial to our future because they are where the next generations are educated and instilled with values.

Unfortunately, many of our nation’s educational facilities have become dens of far-left, woke ideology, with teachers who indoctrinate students in far-left Marxism, gender ideology, and critical race theory (CRT).

Florida put through a law preventing teachers from talking about sexual and gender topics to people in grade three or under.

Though many high schools are still vulnerable to perverted and deranged woke individuals, as a recent case out of Arizona disturbingly demonstrates.

What Happened in Arizona?

Zobella Vinik is a 29-year-old individual who used to be an advisor at a Tuscon-area high school. The reason she’s no longer a counselor at this school is she was arrested for having sex with a minor.

Vinik, who previously worked with students to put on events like a draq queen fashion event, was investigated by police after accusations that she’d been sleeping with a 15-year-old student at the high school.

After the school was told that Vinik was being investigated, she quit her job and voluntarily went to police on May 11. Here, she was hit with charges of sex with a minor and put in jail.

It’s not as if it was very subtle, either.

Vinik and the young student had been sleeping together on a daily basis and sharing the same bed. Vinik, who had previously been gay and married to another woman, was busted when this lady found her underwear hidden where the student would come sleep over.

Somebody who is supposed to give students counseling about their career future and life is instead doing inappropriate things in bed and grooming them while hosting drag shows? Welcome to woke America…

Welcome to ‘Q Space’

Vinik had been organizing a special program for the teens after school called Q Space. This was a place where she helped students “explore” LGBT identity and “care” for each other.

In case you’re wondering: yes, it was clearly a way for this perverted freak to begin exploiting and grooming students who she might want to sleep with.

Vinik previously worked for a group that helped illegal immigrants get scholarships to schools.

It would certainly be revealing for an enterprising journalist to dig around and find out if any allegations of inappropriate conduct occurred between her and minor illegals.

These kinds of groomers are highly dangerous and often worm their way into our communities through the far left and woke ideology.

They often claim to be concerned with sexual and ethnic minorities as a way to groom and abuse those who seem like easy targets to them.

The Bottom Line

Vinik deserves all the punishment she gets.