Far-Left Propaganda For Young Schoolkids Exposed by Concerned Parents

New York City parents are growing increasingly concerned after uncovering textbooks being used on their kids which are full of communist, far-left, and gender-ideology propaganda.

In particular, one book has emerged as a point of concern. It’s a book called “What You Don’t Know: A Story of Liberated Childhood,” by Brooklyn leftist Anastasia Higginbotham.

This book is being used in grade five classes in some areas of New York. Taking a look inside is truly nightmare fuel.

What’s the Book About?

This “liberated” book is written by a liberal white woman, of course; thus, Higginbotham’s main character is a young black boy.

Stretching back centuries, white racists have idolized and used black people for their own agendas and fantasies about some kind of “noble” and “purer” humanity.

This actually fits Higginbotham’s book in a long history of condescending racist nonsense. It tries to appropriate the struggles of people of color and use them for her white liberal agenda to destroy the family and the values of America.

In any case, this book concerns a young boy called Demetrius who is “queer,” despite still being a kid. He meets black Jesus who tells him Christians are bad and people should still love him, despite him liking boys.

The book preaches to kids to “rewrite” society to center around fighting back against white Christian conservatives and their “hate.”

It also directly promotes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and the “Squad,” a group of socialists who support far-left causes in the US Congress.

Propaganda is Powerful

The thing with this kind of book is it’s easy to laugh it off. Especially as adults, we look at this kind of amateurish nonsense and tend to dismiss it.

Whereas children are impressionable and very motivated by the desire to be nice to others and do what is expected of them. Books like this make a big impression on our next generation.

This isn’t Higginbotham’s first book, either. This groomer also wrote a book about “white supremacy” in which she insults everyone she doesn’t like, who’s not liberal, and calls them racist hatemongers.

Another 2017 book by her is called “Tell Me About Sex, Grandma.”

Higginbotham is free to write whatever she wants and self-publish it on Amazon; the question is why some public school administrators in this country are choosing to push this on young kids.

Various school districts have pulled these kinds of books, but far too many still seem to support the idea of dividing students by race and sexuality and pushing sexual topics on young kids.

The Bottom Line

There’s a good reason that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blocked teaching sexual topics to children in grades three and under.

As we can see in New York, the groomers are already trying to indoctrinate and spread hate as young as possible.