Fauci is Trying to Directly Target Fox News with Censorship

Dr. Tony Fauci is like a bad illness that just won’t go away. No matter how many treatments you get, he resurfaces and causes chaos and discomfort.

Like a bad case of herpes inflicted on America, Fauci keeps popping up in the headlines with his lies, propaganda, accusations and fraud.

His latest actions are especially outrageous, as Fauci called for Fox News host Jesse Watters to be fired.

Fauci vs. Watters

Jesse Watters is a Fox host who tends to speak his mind, even when it offends people.

Recently, Watters was speaking at the Turning Point USA conference when he made comments that set the internet on fire and outraged Fauci.

Watters was talking about the need for conservatives to get more serious about exposing and discrediting the left.

He encouraged the right to start doing more types of journalism like the exposures and take-downs done by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas.

Veritas has been responsible for discrediting and taking down a number of leftist individuals and organizations for their perversion, corruption and lies.

Most recently, they exposed Rick Saleeby at CNN as a pedophile in revealed text messages.

Watters told the crowd Fauci needs to get exposed and the right must take a “kill shot” to expose him fully.

Fauci said Watters should be let go “on the spot,” but because it’s Fox News, he doesn’t expect it to happen.

This is exactly the kind of passive-aggressive accusation and insult combination we now know so well from Fauci.

Fox Responds to Fauci

Responding to the controversy, Fox said it’s obviously “clear” Watters was speaking metaphorically about a kill shot.

What he clearly meant was an exposure of Fauci so big he’s forced to step down. We already know about the gain-of-function research that should have made Fauci step down or face trial.

Therefore, as Watters is saying, Fauci needs to be “ambushed” with hard questions that will fully expose his guilt in the origins and response to COVID.

This has nothing to do with a death threat, which would be an absurd and stupid thing to say.

Nobody’s talking about physically harming Fauci; we’re talking about making sure another tyrant like him can’t come in and take over our country again.

The way to do that is by exposing his lies for everyone to see.

The Bottom Line

As Don Jr. pointed out, Watters was actually talking about a surprise exposure of Fauci, not hurting him.

As his comments show, he actually also spoke about the need to be respectful and not act in a stupid way in order to get footage that’s actually useful.

Fauci is pretending not to understand in order to frame the right as violent and unhinged.