Fauci Weighs in on Biden’s Vaccine Mandate, Says It Isn’t Strict Enough

Joe Biden’s declaration that all federal employees and contractors must get the vaccine wasn’t a huge surprise. However, when he came out and said that all businesses in the US over 100 people need the vaccine or weekly COVID tests for every employee, we were all disgusted.

This bio-fascism is completely anti-American, and many Americans will soon lose their jobs as the vaccine mandate comes in. Yet, for Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), Biden’s new vaccine mandate has a different problem: it’s not strict enough.

Biden’s Vax Mandate

Biden’s vaccine mandate is too lenient because it includes the testing option, according to Fauci. If anything, Biden’s “moderate” demands are not strict enough, according to Fauci.

The thing about the testing option is that it has nothing to do with Biden being easygoing or trying to respect people’s liberties. It’s only there so that the new mandate will have a better chance of being approved by the Supreme Court.

Still, doing it this way by pretending to give workers a choice (that will cost a lot of money and be a huge pain in the neck) gives this mandate a much better chance of passing muster in our highest court. If Fauci had things his way, however, you’d just be pushed in a corner and jabbed regardless of what you say.

Fauci’s Shifting View on Vax Mandates

Fauci changes his mind more than Joe Biden changes his adult diapers. Last summer, Fauci said vax mandates “encroached” on people’s freedom and would be the wrong move.

For Fauci, vaccine passports were something he already said was inappropriate because they were “forcing” people to get vaxxed. That latest statement was in May of this year. Now, he’s saying that we should just get everyone to line up and take their shot, regardless of what they want or choose.

Fauci’s Failure

The truth of the matter is that the delta variant has skyrocketed cases way up, and now Fauci is changing his tune. The problem is that the vaccine doesn’t stop infection and transmission.

Fauci’s entire career has been about studying viruses and immunology, and he’s failed badly. Either he’s in on the whole agenda that’s going on or he’s the worst medical researcher who ever lived.

For one thing, even if people with the vaccine do have lower mortality, there are still many examples of vaxxed people getting very ill and needing hospitalization. How does this lower the strain on our ICUs?

Then, there are all the disastrous side effects of the vaccine that are being reported, including mysterious deaths soon after getting vaxxed. Fauci needs to accept his failure and quit. We don’t want him around anymore.