FBI Director Christopher Wray to Be Held in Contempt of Congress Over Biden Docs

After the FBI showed just how determined they are to keep their work with Joe Biden hidden, House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer took steps to get the agency back in line.

Comer started his endeavors against the FBI by demanding the agency’s current director, Christopher Wray, be held in contempt of Congress.

This is for refusing to comply with a subpoena related to Sleepy Joe’s criminal schemes from when he was in the Obama administration.

What’s Joe so intent on hiding?

However, the FBI claimed they’ll collaborate with Congress and the documents will be provided only if a setting that ensures the confidentiality and security of FBI investigations is created.

The document was originally subpoenaed by Comer earlier this month. Instead of turning it over, the FBI stated revealing the document could put the bureau’s human source program in jeopardy.

Following up on his efforts, Comer issued another subpoena last week, giving the agency’s director until May 30th to submit the document, only for Wray to schedule a private meeting with Comer the day after.

After all of this chicanery, the FBI still refused to hand the document over to the committee by the Tuesday deadline they were given.

This ended up prompting Comer to criticize the bureau and label their actions as obstructionist and downright unacceptable, given the very sensitive nature of the topic.

The American people deserve better

Comer continued to pressure the FBI, adding it’s the American people’s right to know the truth. The Oversight Committee will continue to push toward transparency from the US’ leading law enforcement agency.

No matter how you look at it, it’s almost as if Wray is stalling for time here. The fact that he scheduled a phone call with Comer an entire day after the deadline the FBI was given only goes to show how seriously he’s taking this.

For some reason, maintaining “confidentiality” is more important than the American people being told the truth about the man sitting in the White House right now. That’s a testament to how far this once-great nation has gone.

Senator Chuck Grassley also joined in, teaming up with Comer in criticizing the bureau and stating the supposed specifics contained in the document make it seem as if the DOJ and FBI have enough information to determine the accuracy of it.

Maybe this accuracy is exactly what the FBI is afraid of. Seeing as they served as Biden’s personal task force for quite some time, their boss’ best interests could also be at risk.

The FBI continued their claims that the release of this confidential information could jeopardize numerous investigations and put American lives at risk, but we all know who they’re really protecting here.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.