FBI Storm Wrong House Related to Jan. 6 – Is Anyone Safe?

FBI credentials and badge by Kenton Ikeda (quentin.bouvier) is marked with CC PDM 1.0

What do you think of when you hear the abbreviation FBI?

If you’re like me you picture an uptight agency of hardworking people who know how to use their guns and usually end up taking down their man. 

You see images of tough men and women you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley or have coming for you. 

In summary: you see deadly competence. 

Unfortunately, the truth is a lot different.

The modern FBI is so mixed up and confused that they raided and arrested the wrong person in relation to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. 

May 2018 -FBI Academy Gym Seal by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is marked with CC PDM 1.0

Flashback to Last Month 

On April 28, the FBI raided a house in Homer, Alaska called the Homer Inn & Spa. About ten heavily armed agents slammed through the front door of the bed and breakfast early in the morning; they then pulled out their weapons on the horrified guests and owners Marilyn and Paul Hueper. 

The agents screamed at her that they wanted “Nancy Pelosi’s laptop” and cuffed Hueper, who protested that she had no idea why they had just raided her home and business. 

It turned out that the feds had identified Marilyn Hueper as the woman who’d been sitting with Nancy Pelosi’s laptop on Jan 6. Hueper was wearing a similar coat and looked a lot like the woman who snagged Pelosi’s computer. 

The only issue?

They were straight-up wrong. 

The Huepers were in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6. That much was true. They stood and listened to President Trump talk about the election and then went and bought some snacks and walked around DC, staying far away from the Capitol. 

When the agents came and cuffed Hueper she was obviously shocked but also explained to them how the woman in the photo wasn’t her. The agents told her to shut up and said the message they were getting is they should report that Hueper was “lying to federal agents” and therefore “obstructing justice.” 

‘We Had Six or Seven Loaded Guns Pointed at Us’

As Marilyn Hueper said, “we had six or seven loaded guns pointed at us.”

She and Paul were detained for hours, roughly questioned, and had their items and electronics seized. 

Even though the Huepers haven’t been charged and it’s clear that Marilyn was not the woman in the photo, this insane mistake is just one example of the slide into incompetence that’s happening in this country and in our highest levels of power. 

The military is airing woke lesbian cartoon ads; our FBI is storming random Trump supporters in Alaska at their guesthouse and Joe Biden is selling us out to China. 

If this is the new normal in America, count me out!