Florida has Shocking Message for Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci has single-handedly helped crush the American economy and lied to all of us for over a year now.

His constant lies about COVID, how it works, where it started and how to cure it, have undoubtedly led to thousands of deaths.

His ignorance of the dangers of vaccines and refusal to be straight with the American people about vaccine risks is just another item to add to the list.

Need more? Look now further than: school shutdowns, destroying small business, lying about how COVID started, lying about the effectiveness of masks, lying about herd immunity and lying about the effectiveness of lockdowns by falsely claiming they would reduce the spread. 

Now, somebody in Florida has had enough and hacked a road sign with a special message for the brainy doc.

‘Arrest Fauci’

A construction road sign on State Road 836 near Miami was reset by someone so that it had a special messages for Dr. Fauci.

Specifically, it was programmed to read “Arrest Fauci,” “Vaccines kill” and “COVID-19 was a hoax.”

The trick took place early Tuesday morning and city crews came and reset it back to normal a few hours later. 

However, the message was still clear:

Firstly, it’s that a lot of people are very unhappy with Fauci and his years of lies. Secondly, it’s that Florida is no longer some kind of reliable Democrat zone and is now MAGA country. 

Fauci’s Foolish Lies

Fauci recently said that criticism of him is just “attacks on science.” The flip-flopper also said that he’s the one who’s been using logic and truth, while other people go off the rails.

The exposure of Fauci’s emails showed that he was warned early on that the virus may have started in China while publicly denying it; emails also revealed that Fauci lied about numerous things, as mentioned above. 

Nobody is perfect, including a very longtime public health official like Fauci, but eventually the buck needs to stop somewhere. 

The thing is, he’s clearly not going to be facing the music under the Biden administration; the current White House worships him as a kind of god and would never hold him accountable for his poor performance and devastating lies. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Americans are waking up; they’re sick of all the lies and manipulation. I don’t agree with the sign hacker that COVID was a hoax and I do think the vaccine has been effective for some folks. 

However, I also think the response to COVID was nonsense that harmed the US economy and shredded the Constitution; I believe that dangers and unknowns of the vaccine are not being properly communicated to the American people. 

It’s time to step up and demand accountability from officials like Fauci. 

They work for us and it’s time to tell them they’re fired.