Former CIA Chief Says Trump Supporters are Like the Taliban

General Michael Hayden is the former head of the CIA and the National Security Agency (NSA). He is a spook to the core and linked to all the other globalists and their anti-American games.

Hayden recently showed his hand after retweeting a meme comparing Trump supporters to the Afghan Taliban, showing his agreement. Remember after the January 6 Capitol riot how fellow leftist former CIA head John Brennan said the government would go after pro-MAGA conservatives in “laser-like” style to throw them in jail?

He meant it: hundreds of Trump supporters are wasting away in solitary confinement now with no trial. So when Hayden jokes that MAGA is like the Taliban, he’s not joking. He’s actually showing the federal government’s game plan ahead of time. They want to call you a terrorist and eventually arrest you for loving America.

Bad Timing

Just as the Taliban took over Afghanistan following the 20-year war, Hayden decided it was a good time to virtue signal with a joke on Twitter. Let’s think about this for a minute: the brave men and women on the ground in Afghanistan fighting for America are mostly conservatives. The majority of them voted for President Trump and love this nation.

Many of them are Christians. Many are traditional and patriotic Americans whose families and friends are also patriotic. Many of them are MAGA. Hayden is spitting in their faces and calling these brave troops the Taliban when they are the exact ones fighting and dying against the Taliban. 

People like Hayden are anti-American to the core, and they hate the real America. Here’s the thing, spook: the real America is the people who fought and died to protect this country, only to find out it was the sickening lies of your globalist friends.

The real America is the one who powers this country and its farms and factories. Now that the real America has abandoned your weakness and lies, good luck with a bunch of blue state pencil pushers fighting your future wars for you.

The Woke CIA

Let’s be clear: the CIA has many patriots in its ranks who love this nation. So does the NSA, but these organizations have gone noticeably downhill just in the past several decades. They’ve been infiltrated and overrun by left-wing globalists.

Just watch the latest CIA ads about “Latinx” women with mental health issues who hate the “patriarchy.” Can you imagine a spy from Iran or Russia watching that ad and laughing their faces off at the people leading our nation?

As President Trump said at his recent MAGA rally in Alabama, woke ideology turns “everything to sh*t.” He’s right. Now, the CIA embraces woke ideology and hates the real, true America.