Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Coming Out With New Book About Why She Quit Democrat Party

Tulsi Gabbard is a military veteran, ex-congresswoman, and political rebel. As a former member of the Democrat Party, Gabbard found herself drifting away from what the party was becoming. 

She no longer recognized the Democrats of her youth and eventually made the decision to formally leave the party in October 2022. Now, she’s writing a book about it. 

What is Gabbard’s Book Called?

Gabbard’s upcoming book does not yet have a title, but it’s actually one of two books that she is committed to in a publishing deal with the right-wing publishing house Regnery. 

According to Regnery, this book is going to get into details of why Gabbard left the Democrats, as well as more about her background and experiences.

This should certainly be absorbing, considering that Gabbard had a front-row seat to many of the dramatic political developments of the past decade, including the wild 2016 presidential race. 

In that contest she backed Bernie Sanders in opposition to eventual nominee Hillary Clinton, saying he embodied more of her values. 

Then, in 2020, Gabbard made a run for POTUS herself, dropping out and eventually folding into mainstream support for current leader Joe Biden. 

Her new books seem sure to delve more deeply into what exactly happened and how she ended up seeing so differently from most others in her party. 

Gabbard’s Political Duels

Gabbard was elected to Congress in 2013 and served out several terms until 2021. She became a well-known maverick, criticizing the Democrat and Republican establishment for many of their positions, including antagonism to Russia. 

Although she was accused of being disloyal, Gabbard always pointed to her military service and oath as something she took very seriously. She insisted that she just didn’t want the US sinking itself into unwinnable wars in Syria and Ukraine.

Gabbard saw many of the problems of Hillary Clinton. Seeing these problems is part of why she spoke out against Clinton and ended up supporting Bernie against Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary election.

She works for Fox now and often goes on the Tucker Carlson show. 

The fact her books will be published by Regnery is also good evidence that Gabbard feels more at home on the right now than she does on the left. 

This could be a good lesson for Democrats to treat party members with a bit more respect or else things like this happen. However, given what we know, they’re not going to listen. Still, you can expect some very nasty takedowns of her book by establishment Democrat types. 

The Bottom Line

Gabbard’s book comes out this October. Her argument is that the Democrats left her. Is she right or was she always just more of a conservative and a non-interventionist than her party?