Former Top Spy Reveals Truth About China’s Military Threat to America

China’s invasion of the United States has already begun. However, it’s not with warships, jets, and ground troops. It’s through technology and spying. China has been waging a war for years now to steal and copy American military technology.

They’re doing this so when the day comes, they can flatten our cities, disable our power grids, and leave our troops helpless and disempowered in the face of overwhelming firepower.

China is extremely dangerous; this is the number one reason why, as a former CIA officer called David Sauer recently revealed.

The Menace from Red China

As Sauer is warning, while he served in areas close to China, he observed China’s weapons get better by the month. The reason is simple; their spies are stealing American military technology.

Just how bad is this problem? It’s much worse than many people realize, even those who are suspicious of China and its dictatorial communist government.

In fact, every year, around $600 billion in US patents, military technology, and research is stolen by China. This way, they can hijack its design and use it to bulk up their weapons and defense systems. China also uses US tech to improve its production and economic systems.

For all the hype about China being so advanced, the truth is they’re still nothing, compared to the level of technology right here in the good old US of A. The more we lose that edge, the closer we come to a Chinese jackboot stamping on our faces and making us bow down to a portrait of Xi Jinping.

What Exactly is Going On?

Basically, China is stealing military technological designs and secrets from confidential databases, confidential university research, and individual people who they blackmail or bribe to get access.

If you’re looking for specifics, look no further than the J-20 Chinese stealth jet. It’s clearly a photocopy of the F-22 Raptor. They stole it from us to try to shoot us out of having command of the skies.

Protecting our military secrets is of the utmost importance. Companies like Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin need to tighten up their operations majorly if they want to stop eroding the safety of our nation.

China Must Be Stopped

If we don’t want to fight China on our shores, we need to get serious about rooting out their spies and stopping everyone who’s trying to collaborate with them.

China must be stopped if America is to survive. That includes booting the Democrats out of office because they are soft on China and take America for granted. That can’t be allowed to continue.

As President Reagan said, freedom doesn’t come for free and if each generation doesn’t fight for it, our liberties will be faced with “extinction.”