Free Speech Under Attack in Idaho

The far left in this country made it clear where they stand on free speech. They want it for themselves and they want it shut down for conservatives and patriots.

We see this on social media, but it’s also playing out in real life and in real-time across the country.

One example comes out of Boise, Idaho, where a crucial free speech case is working its way through the court.

What’s the Case?

This lawsuit was launched by Big City Coffee in Boise and is against Boise State University. The case is fairly simple.

Big City Coffee is owned by a woman called Sarah Fendley. Until recently, she had a contract to work in conjunction with the university as one of its on-campus cafes. She opened it for $150,000 several years ago.

Fendley is not conservative or politically active. However, she is a strong supporter of police and first responders. This issue is especially close to her heart, seeing as her fiance is a policeman with the city.

He also has to be in a wheelchair the rest of his life after being shot by an armed criminal.

Fendley cares about our law enforcement and showed her support by putting up banners and signs about how her cafe supports police. Some leftist students from Boise State University who came to get their caffeine fix didn’t like this.

It offended their pro-BLM and pro-Antifa feelings. Therefore, they went to the university administration to whine and cry about it. Then, they started boycotts and blocking people from buying coffee there, causing a de facto censorship of Fendley.

When she went to the university to ask for the propaganda against her to stop, they said tough luck and canceled her contract to work as a cafe within the library.

Now, she’s suing Boise State for $10 million for failing to protect her free speech rights.

The Current Status of the Case

Boise State tried to get this case thrown out, but was baldly rejected. Judge Cynthia Yee-Wallace said this lawsuit will go forward.

The university leadership had members who were offended by Fendley’s pro-police stance and possibly had a hand in its boycotting.

Then, they cancelled her because students claimed supporting police is “white supremacy?” This is a free speech issue, exactly as Fendley claims it is.

It’s incredible to consider the main offending item that Fendley was hated for is displaying a thin blue line decal on her door. That’s it!

Fendley paid huge money and borrowed from the bank to get this cafe open in 2020.

She put her work into serving delicious hot coffee to these pampered progressives. Then, they threw it in her face because of her personal views on policing.

Good Luck

Here’s wishing Fendley success in her lawsuit. This university deserves to get its pants sued off.