George Soros Pours Money into Georgia Governor Race

George Soros is a billionaire who likes to meddle in other countries’ affairs. He’s a Hungarian American, but Soros is actually wanted in Hungary and other countries for illegal election interference.

His favorite country to monkey around in is the United States. Soros wants to force America to become a socialist, globalist place whose strings he can pull; he throws his money around accordingly.

The latest example comes from the state of Georgia, where a Soros-backed Political Action Committee (PAC) set aside $1 million for Georgia Governor hopeful Stacey Abrams if she wins the nomination to run.

Here’s what it means for the race…

Amplifying Abrams

Abrams is a darling of the far left because of her skin tone, gender, and radical progressive beliefs. She is currently pausing her campaign to raise money for abortion after the leak of the draft opinion from the Supreme Court on overturning Roe v. Wade.

Nobody really cared about Abrams in the deep red state of Georgia until after she met with George’s son Alex Soros a few years ago. Then, she suddenly was all over the liberal-controlled, Soros-influenced media. Funny how that works.

Now, Abrams wants to become governor of Georgia. She is the only Democrat officially running and will have access to the $1 million once she’s officially the candidate.

Governor Brian Kemp is likely to win reelection to head the Peach State in the midterms; although he’s opposed by President Trump for waffling on election fraud.

Trump backs former Senator David Perdue for the governorship.

Soros Throws Stacks

This is far from the only race that Soros is getting behind. His PAC Democracy PAC II is pushing out $125 million in this midterm cycle to get globalists in office and push their pro-abortion, pro-socialist agenda.

Soros is a very strong supporter of abortion. She gave over $25 million to pro-abortion causes throughout America between 2016 to 2020 to ensure that unborn babies keep having their lives ended.

Just like in the Soviet Union, where abortion was used as a form of birth control and social oppression, Soros hopes to keep America controlled, humiliated, and disempowered by having widespread abortion.

The turn against Roe v. Wade and against the far left in this country has been a long time coming; people like Soros know it’s going to sweep many of their candidates off their feet.

They want to put as much money as they can behind minority and female candidates and then paint conservatives as racist misogynists when these people lose. It’s the strategy of weak parasites everywhere.

The Bottom Line

George Soros is a dangerous man who hates democracy and life.

His money doesn’t belong anywhere in American politics, much less in the state of Georgia backing a far-left Democrat stalking horse.