Get Ready for a Red Wave: Predictions for the 2022 Midterm Elections

Remember when Moses crossed the Red Sea and the soldiers of the evil Pharaoh drowned? There’s another red wave coming, but this time, it’s political.

The 2022 midterms are shaping up to be the biggest Republican and conservative victory in generations. Politics has consequences, and the horrible and treasonous actions of the Biden regime have led us to this day.

Red Wave Incoming!

All predictions from reliable experts show Republicans are way ahead of Democrats. In fact, we are now at the strongest preference for GOP candidates in 40 years. Yes, seriously. People haven’t been so hungry to elect Republicans since 1981.

The Democrat Party is flailing in its Pajama Boy flannels and can’t find its way toward any kind of party unity or message. Across the board, even liberals have been shocked at the lies, incompetence, and horrible mistakes of the Biden regime.

From betraying our troops and allies in Afghanistan to destroying our energy sector and opening our southern border, it’s hard to believe Biden isn’t actively trying to harm our country.

There’s just no way to see how he could do any worse than he’s already doing. Voters feel the same way; they want the GOP back in charge of Congress so these Democrat dullards can start shutting up.

Proceed With Caution…

There’s one thing conservatives need to be extremely cautious about. In 2016, we elected Donald Trump as president and turned this country around. People were wealthy again; America was respected again, and our streets were safe.

The left looked on with envy and tried to sabotage Trump whenever possible, even making up an insane Russia conspiracy that was later proven false by the FBI.

The problem is it wasn’t only Democrats who were looking on from the side wings; it was also neocons and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only). The RINOs desperately wanted some of the energy and support Trump was getting.

So what happened is they dressed up in MAGA clothes and pretended to be America First. However, they never were and never will be, because their minds, hearts, and money books are all in with the globalists, not the United States.

Here’s Why This Matters…

Traitor RINOs, like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, have no future in the GOP. Yet, they desperately want to keep power and hold our party in their grimy grasp so they can keep getting it to cough up funding and electoral support.

We need to make absolutely sure the coming red wave doesn’t bring in a raft load of RINOs in disguise. Make absolutely sure that whoever you’re voting for is an America First conservative.

RINOs and fakes love to dress up like they are America First, but under the surface, you scratch them and George Soros money falls out. Make sure you stick with America First. Our country can’t afford any more fake conservatives in 2022.