Get Ready for Inflation to Rise to Doomsday Heights

I’ve been writing here about the danger of the Biden regime and runaway inflation. It’s no joke and it’s only getting worse. Now, the amount of inflation over the past year is being recognized for what it really is: a runaway train on the track to crush the American family and citizen.

Last Independence Day, we got to hear about how people were saving 16 cents on their cookouts compared to 2020. Since we know how much inflation is going up, these kinds of Biden lies just seem completely craven and sick in comparison.

Heating Bills Set to Go Up by 54%

The Biden regime admitted heating bills for this winter could be hiked up by 54% or more, compared to 2020. That 16 cents looks pretty pathetic right about now, doesn’t it? This is the kind of inflation that crashes nations and economies, not to mention ordinary families trying not to freeze.

Biden ridiculously even said fuel prices and heating are going down, while the rest of us living here in the real world are wondering exactly what Sleepy Joe is smoking.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Jen Psaki says these kinds of price comparisons aren’t important to regular Americans and nobody’s really keeping track anyway. Trust me; yes, they are important and yes, people are keeping track.

Biden is a Joke

Biden claims to be a working class guy who cares about workers and working families, but nothing could be further from the truth. His regime is staffed by lily-livered academics and woke idiots with no idea of the real world.

Biden crashed our economy with his massive spending and Green New Deal idiocy. He’s trying his best to collapse us and lead us straight into communism, but those of us who see what he’s doing are not impressed.

The unnecessary lockdowns, shutdowns, mandates, and other tyrannies are a big part of what’s destroying this economy. No amount of Federal Reserve printing will actually turn that around.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is the United States of America is being led off a cliff by stupid and weak people in office. There are still so many great Americans around, and it’s sad to see the way these cretins seized power over us.

Biden doesn’t deserve to be in power, nor is he even qualified. He’s just not up to the task, and the horrible things happening with inflation and our economy are proof of that.

Families need to eat, and government handouts ultimately just lead to inflation. If Biden was anything other than a globalist puppet, he would admit that and move on to real solutions like opening the economy back up.

Instead, we’re still obsessing about giving dangerous vaccines to everyone.