Ghislaine Maxwell Trial About to Start

The mainstream media has done its best to forget about child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and his sidekick Ghislaine Maxwell. However, Maxwell’s case is still winding its way through the legal system and her trial starts tomorrow.

Fortunately, Maxwell has not yet had the opportunity to “kill herself.” Instead, she will be defending herself in front of America for her work to score underage girls for Epstein between 1994 and 2004.

Here’s what you need to know about the trial and how to follow it…since the leftist media will be doing its best to ignore what’s going on with its friends.

Maxwell’s Strategy

Maxwell plans to give testimony to defend herself and avoid life in jail. Her argument is she never intentionally found any girls for Epstein to abuse and was not involved in any crimes.

Survivors of Epstein’s abuse say Maxwell actively and knowingly recruited them for sex. These survivors say Maxwell ordered sexually explicit massages for the dead pedophile and also sometimes involved herself in the sexual abuse.

Maxwell was arrested in 2020 while hiding out in rural New Hampshire at a large house owned by her rich tech husband, Scott Borgersen.

Maxwell’s family is also backing her up, unsurprisingly, saying she is innocent. Ian, Maxwell’s brother, for example, says Epstein was a “manipulator” who took advantage of her as well.

Epstein famously died in 2019 in a maximum-security New York jail, officially by suicide. Many have questioned whether he really committed suicide or was killed because of all the dirt he had on rich and powerful people.

Get Ready for Excuses

Maxwell is going to be full of excuses. She’s friends with many rich and powerful people, but now since the law has come calling, she’s scared of facing real punishment.

Cockroaches scurry away when they’re about to get squashed, and that’s just how this is too. Of course, it’s convenient to blame Epstein for everything, since he’s already dead.

He can’t exactly tell the truth about Maxwell from beyond the grave; so she and her legal team can paint the situation however they’d like. Yet, they can’t change the basic facts of how this all went down and why.

The Truth About Epstein and Maxwell

Epstein was friends with the rich and famous; he also arranged sex parties and liaisons in return for money. He likewise collected video and other evidence to use as blackmail against people and create a circle of trust.

While he himself was a pedophile and pervert (with bizarre ideas about creating a super race of biological supermen using his sperm on his New Mexico ranch), Epstein himself was also a businessman.

He collected compromising material on people and used it to keep everyone in line. Eventually, under President Trump, the law came calling. Then, Epstein died. Now, it’s Maxwell’s turn to face the music.

If she even comes close to exposing those at the top of this sick game, then get ready for a big coverup.