GoFundMe Blocks Grieving Dad Fundraising for His Son Who Died After COVID Vaccine

Ernest Ramirez is a man in mourning. His young 16-year-old son Ernesto died a few days from an enlarged heart after getting his first shot of the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

Ramirez is completely destroyed, but he went online to GoFundMe in hopes that members of the public could help during this tragic time. Instead of allowing a grieving dad to try his best to survive after the greatest loss a dad can experience, GoFundMe banned his fundraising appeal.

Yes, seriously.

The Growing Evil of Big Tech

GoFundMe and other big tech giants are infected by extreme establishment leftism. They remain completely in lockstep with globalist overlords who dictate what they allow or not on their platforms.

They said they banned Ramirez because his fundraising appeal was “prohibited.” This means that because he noted his son took the vaccine and then died, he was considered to be spreading misinformation.

How is a fact considered to be “misinformation” in 2021? Someday when the history books are written, big tech will paint Biden as a hero and say the COVID vaccines never hurt anybody.

We are entering a period of Soviet-level lies and oppression.

Here are the Facts

Ramirez’s son passed away only five days after he got his first Pfizer shot. The technical term for his cause of death is myocarditis, which is a potentially fatal enlargement of the heart.

COVID shots up the chances of developing potentially serious myocarditis, particularly in young men between 12-29-years-old. If you’re in this risk group, then you’re at an elevated risk of having an enlarged heart and being in danger. That’s a fact and even the CDC admits it.

Ramirez has every right to fundraise for his son and figure out what happened to his own flesh and blood. GoFundMe claiming he is breaking their rules by talking about what happened to his son is an example of extreme censorship.

The Tragedy of Believing the Official Story

Ramirez let his son get the vaccine because he believed the media claim the vaccine was fine for teens. He’s trying to get more information and openness about the danger of the vaccines, but GoFundMe won’t allow it.

They’re firmly backing the Biden regime and its official story. The end result is death. This is why it’s more important than ever that people make their own medical decisions and don’t bow to the pressure from the left.

Thankfully, there are still some platforms that allow free speech and are letting a grieving dad find out the truth about what happened to his son. The truth is that nobody should have to be left in the dark by an anti-truth media and government telling them that their own son’s death doesn’t matter.

For those interested, they can check out Ramirez’s fundraiser on Life Funder.