Google Commits Crimes Against Humanity with COVID Vaccine Censorship

Joe Rogan is extremely popular and the liberal media now hates his guts. Despite leaning left himself, Rogan is something of a libertarian. He doesn’t like getting pushed around or told what he has to believe.

That’s why Rogan sued CNN and demanded an apology when they lied and said he took “horse dewormer” after he got COVID. Rogan actually took ivermectin for humans on the advice of his doctor.

Now, Rogan is no longer holding back about the evil of the mainstream media and their big tech partners. He recently revealed actions by Google that are absolutely horrible.

Google Censorship Reaches New Levels

We know Twitter has flagged anyone who criticizes the COVID vaccines or talks about side effects as misinformation. They even flagged an obituary for a Seattle woman who officially died from the vaccine as misinformation (and then later removed the flag).

As Rogan recently revealed, Google is also engaging in direct censorship, hiding vaccine deaths and injuries. For his part, Rogan says he doesn’t use Google to search anymore, which is a very good policy.

As Rogan said, unless he searches on real search engines like DuckDuckGo, he can’t find objective information about the dangers of COVID vaccines or people who’ve died from it.

Google buries the search results in order to push the globalist narrative. They are not actually a search engine; they’re a censorship agency of the globalist government that wants to push only one point of view.

Rogan Slams Google

As Rogan said, even just a simple search for information about the vaccines leads to CDC and official government pages denying any negative effects. As he said, it’s “crazy” Google is intentionally hiding information and just pushing one narrative.

As Rogan noted, even if you searched for whether peanuts are dangerous, you would deserve to see for some people, they can be deadly. It’s just a fact. Saying something is “mostly” harmless is like saying last summer’s violent riots by BLM were “mostly” peaceful.

It’s a complete lie. During his interview with fellow COVID realist Alex Berenson, Rogan took off the gloves. He slammed Google for its censorship and slammed fellow dishonest liberals like CNN for lying about the medicine he took.

As Rogan said, their “outright lies” are no longer some small issue we can just sweep under the rug. This is very creepy, very authoritarian stuff going on in America today.

The Bottom Line

Don’t use Google and do tell people about Google’s lies and censorship any chance you get. Sites like DuckDuckGo are much better.

Google is a lying organ of the globalist agenda that doesn’t care about you getting accurate information. They have an unfair monopoly and should be completely boycotted.