Hearings Are Held To Find Out Who’s Really Responsible for the Border Crisis

More than two million undocumented migrants were caught at the US border last year. This year is on track to be even worse and Joe Biden seems to have no plan for it.

The more that patriots and conservatives pointed out the obvious crisis, the more the Democrats have gone into denial mode.

Now, hearings are being held to discuss the crisis by the GOP-led House of Representatives and some shocking results are coming out of these hearings.

Saying the Border Has a Problem is ‘Racist’

Top-ranking Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler took part in the hearings led by Jim Jordan of Ohio. Jordan wanted to get to the bottom of what’s going on at the border, including the mass trafficking of human beings and drugs.

Nadler had no time for it, saying it’s just about “racism” and the “extremist” base of the America First movement. Nadler mocked Republicans, saying he wishes they would just go back to their wild “conspiracies” about the federal government and the FBI.

Elsewhere in the hearing, top Democrats like El Paso judge Ricardo Samaniego downplayed the crisis, saying it’s really not that bad and there is no “horde” the way the GOP has been saying.

Samaniego went further, blaming concern over illegal immigration for the 2019 El Paso shooting where a gunman killed 23 people at a shopping mall.

The Inconvenient Truth

This hearing was a chance for the left to play the game of denial. They basically just blamed the Republican Party for even caring about our national borders. They said caring about the border makes you a suspicious and evil person.

In other words, two of the main Democrats who delivered remarks said the border being secure is racist or will cause people to get murdered. It’s actually the opposite: leaving the border open to flood Latino and black communities with illegal immigrants is racist.

Allowing unchecked cartels to keep working, raping and trafficking on the border will get more people killed.

Whereas that didn’t stop top Democrats from being show ponies at Jordan’s hearing, including Russiagate conspiracy theorist Adam Schiff who just got booted out of the Intel Committee by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Schiff, who can’t be trusted to view or handle national secrets, said Republicans are “demonizing migrants” and claimed it will lead to more hate crimes inside America.

The Bottom Line

The Democrats and Biden have no plan to fix the border problem. They don’t care. They just want to keep busing and shuttling migrants to red states or anywhere available where they can dump the problem.

Caring about border security doesn’t make you racist. It doesn’t make you a bad person or stupid. It makes you a patriot who wants your leaders to have some basic common sense.