Herschel Walker Raises Eyebrows Amid Comments on Debating Warnock

Political debates have been a longstanding pastime in elections. When candidates are able to compare and contrast their policies on the debate stage, it allows voters to get a unique, upfront look at their options.

However, in recent times, there’s a growing trend of some candidates seeking elected office, yet refusing to debate their political opponents. In Arizona, for instance, Democrat Katie Hobbs is declining to debate Republican Kari Lake.

In the New York governor’s race, incumbent Democrat Kathy Hochul won’t debate her Republican challenger.

However, new debate-focused remarks from Georgia Republican Herschel Walker are catching some attention, as Washington Examiner reports. Walker is currently challenging Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock for his seat in the Senate.

Walker on Debating Warnock

On Friday, October 14, Walker and Warnock are scheduled to come face-to-face with one another on the debate stage for the first time. However, the Georgia Republican, by his own admission, doesn’t have much confidence that he can hold his own against Warnock.

Walker recently described himself as a “country boy” to the media. After then stating that he himself is “not that smart,” the GOP candidate described Warnock as a smart, well-dressed man who would appear at the debate and embarrass him.

However, Walker did claim he’s still preparing himself to debate Warnock in about three weeks. Just last month, however, the Georgia Republican displayed a confident demeanor regarding debating Warnock.

Walker even went as far as saying the Democratic senator was frightened of debating him.

Down to the Wire in Georgia

Polling has shown this year’s Georgia Senate race is going to be a tight one. Walker and Warnock remain virtually neck-in-neck with one another. Some polls show the Georgia Republican leading, whereas others have the Democratic incumbent ahead.

However, Walker’s remarks are creating quite the buzz on social media. It’s rare for someone seeking public office to claim they’re not intelligent and face reservations about being humiliated during a debate.

This will definitely be something that Warnock’s team uses to its advantage; if nothing else, these soundbites from Walker may very well appear in one of Warnock’s campaign ads.

On social media, Democrats definitely have not been holding back their thoughts. Some are saying that Walker’s comments about his intelligence and fear of debating are all the more reason why Warnock should be reelected.

Others have stated that Walker is intentionally lowering expectations so he is perceived as doing well regardless of how the debate turns out next month.

What do you think motivated Republican Herschel Walker to say he’s “not that smart” and will likely wind up losing this debate against Democrat Raphael Warnock? Please feel welcome to share your views on this in the comments area.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.