High-Ranking Member of Biden’s Cabinet Resigns

When Joe Biden came into office, he promised anybody who was verbally abusive would be fired on the spot. Obviously, he was lying, as we’ve seen since that time.

His regime, and that of his VP Kamala Harris, has been defined by negative, angry people forcing their views on the American people. However, now someone in the Biden brood has apparently gone too far, even for this crowd of miscreants.

Dear Boss, I Quit!

The top Biden official who just quit is somebody many people may not have heard of. He’s one of those in the inner circle who help spread the ideology and reinforce the beliefs of this corrupt regime.

His name is Eric Lander and he is the top science advisor to Biden. He tendered his resignation on Monday after he was reported for being verbally abusive to those who work for him.

Lander was installed as head of the Office of Science and Technology Policy in May by a consensus in the Senate.

Lander got reported a while ago by employees who weren’t happy being treated like dirt, but the White House said it would be handled internally.

For over two months, Biden delayed in letting Lander go, despite his promise that bullying wouldn’t be tolerated in his administration.

The White House promised Lander’s workplace would be cleaned up and made into a nice safe space for those who work there.

Yet, before going through the woke meat grinder and deciding to become nicer, Lander beat them to it; he quit.

What Did Lander Do?

Lander was reportedly a giant bully who treated his staff horribly, interrupted them, told those under him to buzz off, and bullied and harassed those he disagreed with.

He apparently was especially hard on women. In other words, it sounds like Lander was definitely a true Democrat to the core. His behavior was exposed by Politico a few months ago, due to leaks from his belittled staff.

That’s when the White House said they were on it. Then, they stalled for several more months to protect this misogynistic meathead until he eventually resigned yesterday.

Was he pressured or did he resign of his own accord? It doesn’t really matter at this point.

The important thing is highlighting the rank hypocrisy and incompetence of the Biden regime. They’d rather hang on to a ridiculous bully in order to play their game of favorites and the insider club than follow a basic promise they made during the election.

To everyone watching, there is only one conclusion you can draw about what’s happened with Lander: Biden and his government are weak fools who got played by a woman-hating loser.

No matter how flawed Lander may be, one thing is for sure: he’s smarter than the Biden regime who appointed him; also, he just humiliated them in front of the whole country.