High-Ranking Oath Keeper Member Says Active Duty Cops and Others are Busy Training for a New Civil War

Charlottesville 'Unite the Right' Rally by Anthony Crider is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Oath Keepers are one of various American paramilitary groups that consider themselves to be upholding the Constitution and protecting the country from foreign and domestic enemies.

As President Biden worsens division in this country and the COVID situation worsens, groups like the Three Percenters, Oath Keepers and others are not sitting back on their haunches. 

In fact, they’re preparing for war. 

A recent interview with a high-ranking Arizona Oath Keeper by the name of Jim Arroyo shows just how seriously these folks are taking the current situation. 

It’s not just about dressing up and open carrying: 

It’s about having members in highly-placed places ready for action if the cold civil war we’re currently in turns hot. 

Operation American Spring 41 by Stephen D. Melkisethian is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

‘We Have Active-Duty Law Enforcement in Our Organization’

Arroyo opened up in the interview, giving the interviewer a small preview into what the Oath Keepers are up to. 

“Our guys are very experienced. We have active-duty law enforcement in our organization that are helping to train us. We can blend in with our law enforcement and in fact, in a lot of cases, our training is much more advanced because of our military backgrounds,” Arroyo explained.

Arroyo has an excellent point here. The oath keepers are mainly veteran cops and military members who are vowing to uphold their oath to the Constitution. They feel betrayed by the federal government’s treasonous actions and they are not interested in more talk. 

They are ready for action. 

This is supported by people like Ex National Security Council director and counterterror official Javed Ali who said the Oath Keepers are not an easy group for the US government to counteract because they have a “large percentage have tactical training and operational experience in either the military or law enforcement.”

As Ali noted, “that at least gives them a capability that a lot of other people in this far-right space don’t have.”

Many Oath Keepers took part in the Jan. 6 protests and incursions into the US Capitol, and as Arroyo said, they have links into law enforcement and the military, which is likely part of the reason that people like Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and the Biden Administration have been trying so hard to root out “White Supremacists” from the military. 

Will There Actually be a New Civil War?

Gun sales are soaring and many on the right – and left – believe there could be a new civil war in the future. 

Are they right?

My analysis at this point is: maybe, sort of. 

I believe that we are headed for a situation more like Northern Ireland’s period of the Troubles, which means low level and unpredictable – but occasionally horrific – acts of violence and hate popping up on a near-daily basis as society becomes divided.

It means that we’re likely not headed for a situation like Saving Private Ryan with soldiers blowing up bridges and tactically clearing out enemy villages, but we probably are heading for increasing vigilante justice, breakdown of central government authority, low level conflict between urban and rural areas, growth in private militias and militia checkpoints, an increasingly violent and unhinged radical left mob and even more of a “which side are you on?” mentality. 

The Oath Keepers are just one of many groups which are preparing for conflict, as libertarians, independents, antifa, BLM, Black Nationalists, White Nationalists and others also stockpile weapons and prepare for a coming war. 

Let’s hope things can be deescalated before we ever get to that point. If the Union is to be preserved we must return to law and order, respect for borders, freedom and an end to the left-wing insanity gripping our culture and legal system.