HILARIOUS: ‘Anti-Capitalist’ Cafe Shuts Down After Low Profits

One of the most common arguments made by anti-capitalists, Antifa, and communists is that “real communism” or “real anarchy” has never been tried. They claim systems that use money and rely on profit are evil and unnecessary.

One such place that tried out anti-capitalism in real life is a cafe in Toronto named the Anarchist. It relied on “pay when you can” as its system of payment. Now, after just one year the Anarchist is shutting down.

Bye Bye, Bozos

The Anarchist opened a little over a year ago in Toronto, Canada, under owner Gabriel Sims-Fewer, an Antifa anti-capitalist lunatic. Sims-Fewer described his coffee shop as against capitalism, as well as “anti-colonial.”

The cafe was also described as being on “stolen land,” a common virtue-signaling reference in Canada to Native indigenous land.

Police and any military members were not allowed in his cafe; the payment methods were just pay as you’re able to or want to.

Now after a year, Sims-Fewer says he has to shut down since he refused to take money from “ethically bankrupt sources” and didn’t have the “generational wealth” that rich capitalists enjoy.

‘Colonial Death Camp’

Ranting against the “colonial death camp” known as Canada, this charming little cafe was widely mocked after opening, and for good reason. Its self-righteous bull crap, Sims-Fewer, and his nonsense had people laughing out loud.

Upon closing its doors, the Anarchist’s social media was full of messages encouraging people to “be gay” and commit crimes.

Canada’s far from perfect. Every day, it turns more into a progressive-infested, drug-strewn wasteland because of vermin like Sims-Fewer, but calling it a death camp is a bit much.

If it’s a death camp, why do so many people live in it? Furthermore, if the land the cafe is on is “stolen,” it only stands to reason that the land should be given back, no?

It’s good to see Sims-Fewer taking the lead in giving back part of the stolen land by closing the doors to his pathetic Antifa cafe.