Hillary Clinton is Writing a Novel

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Hillary Clinton is the loser who just won’t go away.

When I say loser I mean that literally. Not only did she lose the 2016 election, Clinton has lost the attention and patience of even many of her own supporters. 

Her September, 2017 book What Happened is all about everything being to blame other than her for her embarrassing 2016 loss. It’s currently rated at 37% on Google books, which is more than the amount of the country who voted for her. 

Now she’s back with another book, but this time it’s fiction. 

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What’s Clinton’s New Book About?

Hillary Clinton will join her husband in the novelist club. Bill has written various thrillers with author James Patterson and they’re coming out soon with their next one called the President’s Daughter about a former Navy SEAL POTUS who goes on an action-packed adventure to save his daughter who got abducted. 

Bill and Patterson wrote the successful 2018 thriller the President is Missing which sold over 3.2 million copies. 

Now Hillary is coming out with her new book in October called State of Terror which she’s co-writing with mystery author Louise Penny. 

The book will be about a new US Secretary of State dealing with a sudden large amount of terrorist attacks and realizing they’re linked.

The book presents a government that is really out of touch and struggling to respond to global instability, so it should be easy for Clinton to write since she has firsthand experience in exactly this situation. 

It’s no surprise that Clinton won’t be writing about Benghazi and the other Democratic scandals that have let this country down, because that would be just a little too close to the mark. 

“What difference, at this point, does it make?” Clinton asked during hearings on what happened in the murder of four Americans during the Benghazi attacks. 

‘High Stakes Diplomacy and Treachery’

Clinton says the book will focus on “high stakes diplomacy and treachery.” Treachery is certainly something she will know a lot about, since she worked her hardest to undermine America’s interests around the world and put America last during her time as Secretary of State. 

Clinton’s non-fiction book What Happened sold a ton of copies based on name recognition and the hope that it might contain something interesting. It turned out that it didn’t at all. 

But this book is likely to sell very well. Hopefully Clinton does better in State of Terror than she did in her past non-fiction work and I think there is a good chance she will since this will allow her free reign to indulge in her skill for making things up and twisting the truth.