Horrifying Statistics Released About COVID Vaccine

The COVID vaccine is a controversial subject. My view is that your decision regarding the vaccine is your business and other people should not pressure you either way. However, I will also say that the liberal media is getting people killed.

They’re doing this by not accurately reporting dangers around the vaccines and what is going on with them. New statistics from the CDC now show the truth about the vaccine that nobody wants to admit.

No Opinions, Just Facts

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a government system for reporting when you have a bad reaction to any vaccine. It’s estimated that only 1% of people report their negative reactions to VAERS. 

In the past 14 days, VAERS has had more records of deaths due to the COVID vaccine than there have been people who died from COVID. Fact. Between June 26 to July 9, there have been 4,006 deaths immediately after COVID vaccination in this country. That same period saw 3,114 deaths from COVID (and we all know the fraudulent ways in which health authorities count things as COVID which are not). 

This is around 30% more deaths from the shot than from the virus…and that’s just official numbers. Can you imagine how much worse the picture could be under the surface and if everyone called VAERS who suspected death from the vaccine? 

Censorship in America

This simple and horrifying fact is being censored by our media, by big tech, and by politicians. Just recently Biden got in a reporter’s face and claimed unvaccinated people are “killing people.” Has he seen these numbers or does he just not have a heart? 

Liberal and pro-vaccine folks generally put forward a big criticism of VAERS: it’s just reported, not proven, or official. This isn’t discrediting they think since VAERS still has a process for verifying and determining what sort of reactions and vaccine you’ve taken. The COVID vaccines can kill you. That’s just a fact. They aren’t just “slightly” dangerous or whatever nonsense the liberals tell you. 

Dramatic Numbers

These are the highest vaccine death numbers that VAERS has ever seen by far. Lying to VAERS is literally a crime. The chance that more than a few of these reports are fake is very, very low. 

These are real people who’ve lost loved ones from the COVID vaccines. Period. In addition to the people dying, these vaccines don’t really seem to be accomplishing their main task of preventing COVID. 

In fact, the most vaccinated countries seem to be having a rise in COVID, and the more vaccinated, the higher it is: how strange, don’t you think? Meanwhile, the least vaccinated countries seem to be doing fine. 

It’s time for some answers. Furthermore, before you roll up your sleeve to take that shot, do your research, read VAERS, and consider every perspective, not just the words of Dr. Tony Fauci.