House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Show Their Utter Cowardice

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the voice of the Democrat Party. Her corruption, lies and cowardice are the perfect summary of how the left works in this country.

On every issue from COVID to immigration, she’s passed the buck and been a traitorous coward. Her husband Paul Pelosi was even caught insider trading.

Now Pelosi is out with a statement on Afghanistan and it’s even worse than you can imagine.

Pelosi Talks Tough to the Taliban

In a recent tweet that made the entire nation cringe, Pelosi warned the Taliban that everyone is “watching” and she’s “deeply concerned” about their treatment of women.

Wow, I bet that will work, right? Imagine being so separate from the real world that you think a bunch of angry militants will care about your “concern.”

Politicians like Pelosi are the reason that terrorists no longer fear America. Politicians like Pelosi are the kind that Trump made fun of because they’re weak.

Well, he was entirely correct. These people are a joke. They make our country look weak and they make the world laugh at us.

When Pelosi writes out her social media like it’s her diary and she’s a 13-year-old girl, it’s not just disturbing, it also embarrasses our whole nation.

Our leaders are supposed to show a backbone and be somewhat intimidating people, not channel their little sad feelings into weird statements about how “concerned” they are that terrorists are not nice.

I’m sure that “concern” will be very comforting to a woman getting clubbed in the head for talking to a man she wasn’t authorized to, Nancy.

Pelosi Shows Democrat Cowardice and Blindness

Pelosi is more than just a naive leftist. She represents an entire mentality of liberals who are not living in the real world.

Liberals seem to believe that feeling sad or upset somehow gives you power and the ability to have people care what you say. It doesn’t; being right does.

Meanwhile, a terrorist group which has spent decades fighting all over Afghanistan and sending foreign troops home in boxes is not interested in her “concern.”

The idea that you can shame a foreign terrorist organization into submission is hilariously insane, but it’s shared by many liberal Americans.

Remember when Michelle Obama was holding up #BringBackOurGirls hashtags on social media during the Boko Haram terrorist kidnappings in Nigeria?

That’s actually how these liberal minds work; they genuinely believe that their sad feelings and social media publicity will somehow stop bad guys.

Luckily we still have enough men and women who aren’t coddled leftists in this country that we can still stay attached to reality.

Yet, folks like Pelosi need to be called out for their stupidity and naivety. Their attitudes and beliefs are endangering all of us and ruining our nation’s strength and power.