How Are Wyoming Voters Feeling About Liz Cheney?

Representative Liz Cheney clearly believes she can win her primary in Wyoming to continue representing its at-large district. The primary comes up on August 16 of this year in a little over two weeks and there is tough competition, including Trump-backed opponent Harriet Hageman.

However, the numbers so far for Cheney are not promising, to say the least, down 30 points to Hageman in a recent poll.

Cheney’s problem is very simple: many Republicans eligible to vote her back in do not like her. In fact, they specifically dislike her. It’s gotten so bad that she’s rushing to get Wyoming Democrats converting to become Republicans so they can vote her in.

This is quite a change from even a decade ago. What’s the difference? CNN went on a little sightseeing tour to ask Wyomingites what’s up.

Here’s What CNN Found Out…

Every now and then, CNN puts out some excellent reports. Don’t laugh, really. When they jam a camera and microphone in front of people, they sometimes get pure gold as long as they don’t edit it all away.

The network recently stumbled across gold in Wyoming after going there to find out what locals think of Cheney.

Cheney has been busy on the January 6 committee and making TV appearances. Many people haven’t even seen her at debates or events where Hageman has been front and center.

The state-level party has gone against Cheney and officially rebuked her, but it’s actually a very good idea to go right to random, regular people on the street and ask what they think as well. This way, you’re not just getting strategic political messaging from political experts and insiders.

These “vox pops” (voice of the people) interviews used to be a staple of news, presenting interesting cross-sections of society.

CNN also chose a good event to go to at Frontier Days, a rodeo extravaganza event in Cheyenne full of patriotic Wyomingites.

Do You Like Liz Cheney?

CNN went around asking random people at the western event what they thought of Cheney.

An older lady told them “hell no!” she doesn’t like Cheney. Another was more muted in her criticism, but said Cheney has been in Congress more than long enough and it’s time for someone new.

Others expressed strong suspicion of the January 6 committee and Cheney’s leading role in it, with one lady calling it “repulsive” and another man saying it was a “kangaroo court.”

Lest you give up, however, CNN did find two individuals in the crowd who had at least modestly positive things to say about Cheney.

Good luck with that primary Liz, because you’re certainly going to need it!

The Bottom Line

Cheney doesn’t need to be worrying about 2024 or her broader ambitions to take down the Trump movement with her January 6 committee right now.

Instead, she needs to be squarely focused on getting as many Democrats as possible registered in her column to help her have a fighting chance of taking this thing on August 16.