How Biden is Wrecking America

CUNY Foreign Policy Speech - New York, NY - July 11, 2019 by Biden For President is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

President Joe Biden has only been in office for less than three months, but already the disastrous impact of his presidency is starting to hit the United States. 

Together with VP Kamala Harris, Biden has made a series of decisions which have been terrible for this country. 

It’s no longer even about Democrat or Republican: it’s about the fact that Biden is steering the ship of state into the rocks and we need to turn around before it’s too late. 

Biden took everything that was going well and broke it beyond recognition, including the border, the military, foreign policy and reckless government spending.

He also took everything that already was in trouble such as the lockdown situation, racial tensions and social issues and made it much, much worse. 

Here’s the way Biden is wrecking America and what we need to do ASAP to turn it around. 

Press Conference on the State of the US Economy and Jobs – Wilmington, DE – September 4, 2020 by Biden For President is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Biden’s Lack of Leadership is Crushing This Country

First of all, let’s be honest. Kamala Harris is supposedly dealing with the border crisis and taking calls with foreign leaders on Biden’s behalf.

This is an administration with the executive branch being improperly run from behind the scenes and an old man with memory loss and mobility issues being abused by the Democratic party in order to push their radical agenda.

But Biden is still the President, and it’s not fair to let him off the hook just because of his personal problems. 

First, there’s the border: from the moment he set foot in the Oval Office, Biden started signing insane executive orders giving amnesty and opening up our southern border like Swiss cheese. He halted construction on the wall and undid the Remain in Mexico policy that Trump had been using to stem illegal immigration. 

Biden has presided over a horrific humanitarian catastrophe, with migrant kids stranded in the desert crying after being dumped by coyotes and detention centers at 1,600% above capacity with migrant children and teens with nowhere to sleep, no sunlight and no ability to call their parents. 

Then again, maybe it’s kind of a return to tradition since, as former President Trump pointed out in the debates: “who built the cages, Joe?”

The videos we’ve seen from the border are enough to shock enough the toughest person: smuggling cartels dropping baby girls over the fence, kids and teens drowning in the Rio Grande, heartless coyotes extorting every penny from poor Central American and Mexican families in return for getting them to the US and doing horrific things to their families if they don’t pay. 

There were 172,000 people trying to cross the border last month in March, and that’s just the ones who were caught! It was up 71% from February and the cost is also becoming massive at $60 million per week. This comes during a pandemic to boot. 

What Else?

To get into a full list of how Biden is leading this country off a cliff would require an encyclopedia, but suffice to say that the list is long. 

It includes Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill which was basically a blue state bailout full of pork, his fake infrastructure bill that forces a Green New Deal on the country and diverts huge amounts of money to pet Democrat causes, his pushing of radical transgender ideology on the nation’s youth, his obsession with obeying the commands of Dr. Tony Fauci and the medical establishment who’s been wrong so far about COVID, his fixation on taking away guns from law-abiding Americans and much, much more. 

This is a dangerous time for America.