How Biden’s Open Borders Agenda Could Backfire on Democrats

Honduran refugee caravan by boitchy is marked with CC PDM 1.0

From the Democratic perspective, open borders is a no-brainer. Pretend to be a humanitarian and let legions of people flood into the country and create a permanent voting majority to ensure power for centuries to come.

Never mind that we’re in the middle of a brutal pandemic or an economic emergency.

Never mind that welcoming in everyone hurts minorities, including Hispanic and Black Americans even more than everyone else due to the increased job competition.

Open the gates and let them all in, right?

That’s the thinking of President Joe Biden, anyway. But Biden hasn’t thought things all the way through, and the open borders agenda could backfire badly on Democrats.

Here’s why.

Caravan of Love walk in support of immigrants and refugees by Fibonacci Blue is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Biden’s Writing Checks He Can’t Cash

The main reason this could backfire for Democrats is that Biden is writing checks he can’t cash when it comes to immigration. Congress is split down the middle and the amnesty the President will be bringing forward is not going to pass easily.

It’s going to be hotly debated, watered down and parts of what Biden wants are going to be scrapped. This is good news for Republicans and everyone else who wants the rule of law to prevail in the United States, but it’s not great news for the left.

As Director of the National Immigration Law Center Marielena Hincapié explains, progressives want real immigration change, not rhetoric.

“This cannot be a situation where simply a visionary bill — a message bill — gets sent to Congress and nothing happens with it. There’s an expectation that they will deliver and that there is a mandate now for Biden to be unapologetically pro-immigrant and have a political imperative to do so, and the Democrats do as well,” said Hincapié, who is an advocate for poor immigrants.

Pressured from Both Sides

In other words, Biden is being squeezed from both sides. A progressive base represented by people like Hincapié and her organization, and a split Congress and wary party establishment that knows that completely open borders is never going to become law in this country.

Writing checks he can’t cash could be Biden’s downfall, and would also be a bit of poetic justice after all the groundless promises he made during his campaign including his empty claims to have a very specific and effective plan for fighting COVID.

The more that Democrats get caught in a vice grip between the fantasies of their progressive base and political reality the better it will be for future chances of a conservative alternative from the GOP or the kind of MAGA party that President Trump is saying he might create.

Losing the Latino Vote

Latinos in the United States have already started shifting, with a record number voting for President Trump in the last election. In fact, an incredibly 35% of Latino voters went for Trump which would have been seen as impossible even a decade ago by the GOP.

Trump had especially impressive showings in parts of Florida like Miami-Dade county, where Cuban and Venezuelan Americans related to his anti-socialism message, frightened by the pro-socialist rhetoric of Biden that’s burned their former countries to the ground and left people eating dogs.

The Democrats may believe that Latinos are stupid but they are not. They drifted from Biden in huge numbers, well aware that he had been close to President Obama when Obama deported a record number of Latinos and also aware that Biden’s policies are job killing nightmare fuel.

Many Latinos are beginning to look for alternatives, with the California and Nevada caucuses going for Senator Bernie Sanders, and other Latinos joining the GOP and voting conservative.

Latinos are not required to vote for establishment Democrats. And increasing numbers will keep finding alternatives further left or further right or staying home if the alternative is to elect hypocrites who put illegal aliens above them or promise things they know won’t happen.