How Would Ron DeSantis vs. Joe Biden Shake Out in an Election?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has emerged as a leader of the conservative movement through steady leadership and bold action.

He’s made a national profile for himself by standing up to the extreme behavior of the far left and providing a prosperous, free future for his state.

Despite the left’s backlash, DeSantis maintained an even keel and stuck to his guns. He hasn’t backed down, apologized, or groveled for approval from the Democrat Party or the liberal media.

In many cases, he’s also directly called out Joe Biden and his extremely poor leadership of this country.

If Biden does end up running in 2024, many are now asking how a Biden vs. DeSantis race might pan out. Here’s a look…

DeSantis vs. Biden

DeSantis has taken on Biden on many issues, sometimes calling him out directly. This includes on COVID lockdowns and vaccine mandates, where he put through special legislation to make sure Florida stayed open and free.

It also includes critical race theory, where DeSantis ensured American kids weren’t subjected to anti-American, racist ideology in the classroom.

DeSantis also recently made waves by standing up to woke perverts at Walt Disney Company when they got angry about his support for banning sexual education for people in grade three and under.

Disney and left activists repeated the lie that the Florida bill was “Don’t Say Gay,” but in fact, it was just about keeping discussions of sexual identity and sex out of the minds of young kids who are in school to learn.

Let’s be honest here: the left absolutely hates Ron DeSantis. He’s like Donald Trump without all the gaffes and mistakes. This guy is an absolute wrecking ball of communists and left-wing authoritarians. He takes them to the woodshed on a daily basis.

Most recently, DeSantis went directly after Biden for his awful poll numbers and his problems with staff quitting on him, particularly black members of his staff.

What Did DeSantis Just Say About Biden?

For one thing, DeSantis refers to Biden as “Brandon.” Secondly, he does not pull punches; he recently said Biden’s awful approval numbers and staff exodus are fully his fault.

So much for the Democrat habit of blaming Putin, conservatives, bad luck, or COVID for their problems. No, DeSantis says, Biden’s problems are because of him and his party’s terrible leadership.

As the Florida governor said, “Brandon” is now “lashing out” at his own employees and constantly “blaming” anyone he can. Though the truth is he’s not actually done anything useful since coming into office.

As DeSantis noted, Biden started off by going fully against US energy and cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline; he then led us off an economic cliff to the worst inflation in “over 40 years.”

As for Biden’s completely ineffective COVID lockdowns and firing of people who wouldn’t take his recommended vaccines? Very bad idea.

That’s especially the case now that COVID numbers are back, higher than ever. It turns out Biden not only didn’t stop COVID, he simply made it worse and added even more stress to people’s daily lives.

The Bottom Line

Whether DeSantis runs in 2024 or not, he’s putting on a masterclass for how to defeat Joe Biden and the Democrats. Conservatives, watch and take notes.