Hungary Just Had an Election and the Global Left is Melting Down

Hungary is a small nation in central Europe led by a man named Viktor Orban. As a conservative leader, Orban resisted the EU’s attempts to liberalize his country and flood it with immigrants.

Hungary recently held an election, and on Sunday night, the results came in loud and clear. Orban and his right-wing Fidesz party won in a landslide.

Despite mainstream media from the US to Germany claiming Orban was in big trouble and accusing him of being a “pro-Putin” dictator, he pulled off a huge win that embarrassed the left across the world.

Here’s why it happened…

Why Did Orban Win?

Orban won for a very simple reason: Hungary is a democracy and the majority of voters who cast a ballot like him very much.

The reason they like him is that he puts their country first, not the EU, not Russia, and not the interests of George Soros or the globalists.

To put it bluntly, the majority of Hungarians like Orban because he does his job. Instead of leading a country by selling it out and representing foreign and globalist interests, he puts his own nation first. For that reason, people voted for him.

He’s also kept Hungary’s economy solid during the pandemic and put forward various other policies that Hungarian people support. That’s a big part of what scored Orban 53% in this election, giving him major power over a fractured opposition group.

The foreign media has attacked Orban hard, painting him as a kind of central European Trump. They have claimed he is a racist, pro-Russian fascist who wants to end freedom in Hungary.

This comes despite the fact that Orban has fought hard for the rights of traditional Christian Hungarians against the fascistic EU leadership in Brussels.

People saw through the media’s lies, including the lies that he is in bed with Putin. The truth is Orban simply doesn’t want to get involved in the war in Ukraine, because he puts Hungary first.

He’s been clear that Russia had no right to invade Ukraine and supported EU punishments on Russia’s economy.

The fact that he doesn’t want to ship weapons and become a party in the war is his right as the leader of his country, despite how much the armchair generals at CNN or BBC would like to make that decision for him.

Liberals Melt Down

Liberals are melting down, due to the Orban win. They’re also amping up the accusations against Orban of being a Putin stooge.

Here’s the thing: it’s true that Hungary depends a lot on Russia’s energy and can’t afford to supply weapons to kill Russian soldiers.

However, it’s not true that Orban personally loves Putin or Russia. He loves Hungary and he wants to keep it out of the war, just like Germany and the United States want to stay out of the war.

The difference is that Washington is supplying weapons, something Orban has avoided.

As we see in this result, the left’s reaction is clear: they are furious that democracy has led to a result they don’t like, even though they never shut up about how much they support democracy.

Is anyone else having memories of 2016, or is it just me?