Idiotic CNN Potato Head Brian Stelter Finally Gets the Verbal Beatdown He Deserves

Brian Stelter (CNN) @ SXSW 2017 by nrkbeta is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of watching CNN, then you may have seen human potato impersonator Brian Stelter. 

This sad man hosts a show called Reliable Sources. On this show, he self-righteously crows on constantly about Trump, his hate of conservatives, conspiracy theories and his precious liberal values. 

Then, Stelter goes on to repeat many bizarre left-wing conspiracies, Democrat Party worship and illiberal, intolerant views of people who don’t see the world from his particular progressive perch. 

Joe_Rogan_SXSW9A7A1678March 13, 2014Drew_DeGennaro by is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

In other words, Stelter is a complete hypocrite and an idiot: so he fits right in at CNN with his fellow hypocrites. 

Apart from popping up on the radar a few times, conservatives have mainly ignored Stelter. After all, barely anyone watches his show anyway. 

However, recently the biggest podcaster in the world Joe Rogan decided he’s had enough of clowns like Stelter.

Despite being liberal himself, Rogan doesn’t like it when establishment leftists get too big for their britches and he gave Stelter a verbal whipping he’s not likely to soon forget. 

Rogan Calls Stelter a Fake ‘Motherf—er’ With a ‘F—ing Terrible’ Show

During a show where he talked to leftist commentator Kyle Kulinski, Rogan unloaded on Stelter and people like him. 

The thing with Kulinski is that even though he’s a Bernie bro and a democratic socialist, he’s also politically incorrect and is against censorship, BlueAnon conspiracy theories and leftist overreach on social issues. 

In other words, like Rogan, Kulinski is a liberal with a brain. Even if you hate his beliefs, you have to admit he explains them well. 

Rogan and Kulinski were talking about how CNN is jealous for ratings and is now going after YouTubers like Kulisnki for having more viewers than them (because he provides much more interesting and uncensored commentary than them). 

As Rogan noted, Stelter talks about his audience as if he deserves it or as if CNN is somehow “entitled to viewers.”

The reality is the opposite:

Like Rogan explained, the market itself has decided that Stelter doesn’t matter and the reason is simple: “your show’s f—ing terrible!” 

Rogan went on to call host Don Lemon and Stelter “not real humans.” Rogan then accused them of being hypocritical fake propagandists who alienate viewers with their slimy attitude and lies. 

Stelter Shows How Stupid the Liberal Media is

As Rogan said, Stelter is an example of how stupid the liberal media is, especially when he asked press secretary Jen Psaki to tell him why the media is losing so much trust among the public. 

“Motherf—er, you’re supposed to be a journalist!” Rogan said, pointing out the cozy and creepy relationship between people like Stelter and liberal power. 

These guys aren’t challenging those in power or telling the truth; they’re just boosting Democrat propaganda, trying to demonize conservatives, and dividing this country on race and class.

They’re parasites. 

It’s good that some liberals – even if you disagree with them – like Rogan and Kulinski are willing to call out this garbage on their side.