If Biden Doesn’t Run in 2024, Who Will?

Joe Biden has said he’s running again in 2024, but that’s still far from a settled issue.

For one thing, Biden will be 81-years-old by the 2024 election and there are questions about his ability to withstand the pressure.

For another thing, his approval ratings have sunk down near 30% and even many moderate voters are souring on him.

Biden claims he’s the only one who can truly win against President Trump or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but with these kinds of approval ratings, that sounds more like bluster than a fact.

So if Biden doesn’t end up running, who will the Democrats put up instead?

Top Choices for the Democrats

The Democrats are spread very thin in terms of leadership potential.

With a party now run from the radical left and focused on a Green New Deal socialist vision, their appeal is running out. Many see how the party is run by elites who care more about ideology than working families.

At the top of the Democrats’ list would be VP Kamala Harris, followed by Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders.

Harris is around 40 percent approval, however, which puts her only slightly ahead of Biden.

She’s made a fool of herself on the world stage and has had many gaffes even recently, going on bizarre rants that sound like a drug-addled drifter.

As for Warren, she’s a socialist busybody who’s been noted for recent clashes with Tesla CEO Elon Musk after she demanded the billionaire pay more taxes.

A staunchly pro-abortion far-left radical, Warren stands a solid chance of winning a 2024 nomination if Biden doesn’t run.

What About Buttigieg and Sanders?

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is a rich gay guy who’s also quite bad at his job, which means he might be chosen as a candidate for the Democrats.

He’s managed to make an even worse job of logistics during the past several years than anybody expected. His chances of winning the nomination, therefore, remain pretty high, given the Democrat penchant for nominating failures to run for POTUS.

As for Bernie, a third run would be quite something for the old guy, but it’s certainly possible.

At the very least, Bernie can say he’s helped move the party so far left, it looks like the pre-USSR Mensheviks mixed with a few Bolsheviks.

The Bottom Line

Given the midterms that are coming up and the 2024 field, the Democrats are in big trouble. They just don’t have the talent or name recognition to win another election at this time.

If Hillary Clinton or someone like that does end up doing a “legacy” run for POTUS, look for the media to go wild with excitement. It’s all they have left to cheer for since they picked a crop of losers to get behind.