Impeachment on the Way for Biden

Joe Biden has been a disaster for the United States and a tragedy for the world. He took this country from peace and prosperity under President Trump and plunged it into chaos and poverty.

We are experiencing record inflation; our borders aren’t secure and the world is on the brink of a global war and famine.

We are entering hard times of Biblical proportions; at least some of it can be directly linked back to the band of buffoons leading this country under Biden.

Some conservatives with a backbone are done playing along; they have a workable plan to impeach this incredible disaster of a president.

Here’s how…

Getting the GOP Caucus Onboard

For starters, to impeach Biden, the full GOP caucus must be on board. The party has to come together on this.

Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio says if Republicans can take back the House and Senate, they are going to truly try to impeach Biden. Jordan himself will lead the fight for the House Judiciary and pass the baton on to the Senate to send Biden into retirement.

The reasons to impeach Biden couldn’t be more obvious. As Jordan pointed out, our border crisis alone is a sufficient reason for firing Biden.

There are millions of illegals at our border and trying to stream over, spreading COVID and God knows what else, including dangerous fentanyl, drugs, sex slavery, and other diseases.

Yet, we’re supposed to sit back and talk about “diversity” as our nation is destroyed? It’s not going to happen.

Then, take a look at our inflation: the worst in half a century as Biden brags about creating minimum wage, part-time jobs at McDonalds and claims our economy is doing swell. Our economy is not doing great at all, and he knows it.

Our economy is crashing as food shortages start to hit the world market and our brave military tries to recover its morale from Biden’s horrific and insane betrayal in Afghanistan.

Anyone who doesn’t see the problem and isn’t angry is not paying attention.

How Big is the Chance Biden Really Gets Impeached?

The chance of Biden being impeached remains small, but is very much real.

Earlier this year, Senator Ted Cruz explained there is definitely a chance of Biden being impeached, especially over his failure to protect our national borders.

Cruz is a bright lawyer and constitutional expert; he knows what he’s talking about. Cruz said this is the “strongest grounds” for kicking Biden out of office at this point, using Article 2 of the Constitution.

At this point, the list of reasons why Biden should be impeached are so long, it seems like you could pick any part of the Constitution and use it as a basis for booting him from power.

Other Republicans like Bob Gibbs of Ohio are also onboard, with Gibbs noting simply Biden’s “not up to the job.”

That’s putting it lightly!