Incel Arrested in Plot to Kill 3,000 College Girls

If you don’t know the word “incel” here’s what it means. It means “involuntarily celibate” and it’s used by young men to describe themselves when they can’t find romance or sex from women..or at least not from the women they desire. 

It became famous after sorority shooter Elliott Rodger went on a shooting spree in 2014, gunning down multiple people at the University of California, Santa Barbara before killing himself as cops chased him down. Now, one of the many young men who admire Rodger has been arrested for a plot that makes Rodger’s look like nothing. 

Meet Tres Genco

Tres Genco is a 21-year-old guy from Hillsboro, Ohio. He’s been arrested for trying to commit a hate crime by murdering women and for illegal possession of a machine gun. The two charges combined could land him in prison for life if he is convicted. 

Here’s what happened: Genco is obsessed with his inability to sexually or romantically attract women, who he calls “foids” (femoids) in order to make fun of them. Genco looks up to Rodger, seeing him as a hero for taking revenge on the beautiful women who wouldn’t give these losers the attention they want. 

Genco has been under investigation since 2019 when authorities were tipped off and alerted to a manifesto. In this manifesto, he writes about his desire to murder 3,000 women at Ohio University because of his “hatred and jealousy.”

How Far Did Genco Get to Carrying Out His Massacre?

Genco got a lot closer than he should have to actually mowing people down. He’d already armed up heavily with a handgun, bulletproof vest, bowie knife, illegal machine gun, masks to hide his identity, huge quantities of ammunition and military training. 

In fact, going to boot camp was the way that Genco planned to learn how to effectively kill people which is why he enlisted in the US Army. He began basic at Fort Benning in Georgia in the summer of 2019; however, he was shown to the exit door and booted out by December for doing a terrible job and not rising to the minimum standards of discipline required by the military. 

This just made him stew even more about murdering the girls he feels owe him their love. He wrote an even angrier manifesto in January of this year, saying he was getting close to pulling the trigger and fulfilling his fantasies. Thankfully, Genco was already being monitored and was hauled in after being arrested at his residence. 

What the Hell is Going On?

Genco may not be a super model, but in any other society, he would have been pushed to make something of himself. He’d have had his self-pitying, pathetic mindset beaten out of him and turned into something useful. 

This kind of society that produces these weakling losers is deeply unhealthy and we have one thing to thank for it: liberalism. In fact, Genco even followed Kamala Harris on his Twitter account. Next thing you know, we’ll find out this fool was in Antifa.