Inside the Democrat Party as They Go Into Full PANIC MODE

The Democrat Party is in chaos. The foundation of the modern Democrat Party is a hate of America, the family, and life itself.

If that sounds extreme, then just look at the past few days since news leaked that the federal right to an abortion may be overturned in Roe v. Wade.

Senator Elizabeth Warren screeched to supporters like an enraged barn owl, trying to incite an insurrection on the Supreme Court.

Fencing is going up once again around the Capitol. Leftist politicians and news outlets are going berserk, speaking like old time preachers about the right to murder unborn babies.

The Democrats are showing their true face, and are now in full panic mode as the midterms approach.

The Democrats’ Dashed Hopes

The Democrats hoped with President Trump out of office, they could install Joe Biden and pass a lot of their agenda against guns, against conservatives, and against our military and oil industry.

They have been trying their best, and letting our border get flooded with illegals, but the issue is Trump knew they would do this.

That’s why he put responsible and constitutional justices in at the Supreme Court. That’s why he built a political movement that can see through the left’s lies.

The Democrats are now in panic mode, because their hope is that people will be horrified by the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade and vote for them in the midterms.

They have even been lying, with liberal host Stephen Colbert (supposedly a Catholic) claiming 80% of Americans support abortion.

The truth is that by reacting so extremely and inciting violence, the Democrats are showing everyone just who they are and the horrific foundations of their party.

Overturning Roe v. Wade won’t even end abortion anyway. It will give it back to the states to make their own laws, as the founders intended.

Whose ‘Democracy’?

The Democrats love to talk about democracy and how much they support voting rights, minorities and the working class.

Then, they take money from elite donors, support abortions that kill more minorities than anything else, and go apoplectic when our democratic system disagrees with them.

We have a judicial branch. Part of living in a nation of laws is respecting the decisions of the branches of our government, but the Democrats don’t. They are a threat to our government.

They tried for four years to overthrow a duly elected president with outright lies and false accusations of treason. Then, they incited violence and murder of police after the death of a fentanyl addict and career criminal called George Floyd.

Later, they shut down our entire economy over a virus, doing nothing to stop the virus. Now, they want to attack our fundamental institutions for making decisions they don’t agree with.

The Democrat Party is an enemy of democracy.