Inside the Democrat Plan to Turn Florida Deep Blue

With the midterms coming up, power is going to be shifting sharply to the right.

Though the Democrats still have a few more months to try to turn things around, and that’s where their energy is focused.

One area of that focus is the free state of Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis has managed to show people the benefits of voting for Republicans.

The Democrats want to change that and have a plan to turn Florida blue. The question is: will it work?

What’s the Plan?

The plan is fairly simple, but comprehensive: the Democrat Party is flooding Florida with money and smart operatives ahead of the midterms.

They are putting in $15 million to get votes drummed up and are fighting in every race, even those where they have tough primaries.

The Democrats will be hiring several hundred organizers and starting up new operations all over the state to get Florida turned blue, led by the state director Manny Diaz.

They want to keep this going until 2024 and use it to help keep the Republicans out of power then as well.

As Diaz admitted, the Democrats have been getting “killed” for the past two decades in Florida and they want to fix this “mess.”

According to Diaz, 2022 is going to be when the Democrats truly “push back” and start beating Republicans.

Will it Work?

Florida obviously has some urban areas and districts which are bluer than others. In the last midterms, DeSantis only won by a narrow margin and Senator Bill Nelson also got in by the skin of his teeth.

Diaz sounds determined and the party is going to be pouring in some serious cash, so nobody should underestimate the Democrats in Florida.

Diaz said much more “direct outreach” is going to be happening this time around and the Democrats will also get a big boost from COVID mostly winding down.

He also forgot to mention that with the mainstream media fully on their side, they’ll also have huge networks pushing their propaganda at the national level.

Purple to Blue

Florida is currently purple at best, with strong red tendencies.

The problem is that a lot of people have moved there from blue states. They want the freedom, but they’re still used to voting for Democrats, in some cases.

Diaz will have some real resources and money to turn this thing around, which is why it’s going to be important for DeSantis and the Republican Party in Florida to emphasize their successes.

They need to remind people of what happens when you trust the Democrats too much: poverty, chaos, crime, and misery.

We’ve all had enough of that, so let’s hope that Diaz’s plan to turn Florida blue stays where it belongs: stuck in the planning stage.