IRS Agents Show Up To Threaten Reporter Who Investigated Biden Regime

We already know the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is out of control. Under President Obama, the agency targeted conservative Americans and those who were affiliated with the Tea Party.

Under President Biden, they are now intimidating those who question the Biden regime or could expose it.

The latest victim is liberal reporter Matt Taibbi, who helped publish the Twitter Files showing how Biden regime members and government employees worked with Twitter to censor speech.

What Happened?

The same day that Taibbi testified in front of the US Congress, IRS agents came to his house demanding to see him.

Now, Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio is accusing the IRS of trying to “intimidate a witness.” That’s certainly what this looks like.

With all the tax fraud and COVID relief fraud going on, why did the IRS have time to show up at Taibbi’s home? It just coincidentally happened to be the same day he was making the Biden regime look bad.

‘Concerning and Pervasive’

Taibbi’s publication and explanation of the confidential Twitter Files showed internal communications at Twitter and how they worked to stifle free speech.

As he said, the “constant and pervasive” talk between the FBI and Twitter about who to silence was clear for all to see.

People like Russiagate Hoaxer Congressman Adam Schiff also reached out to Twitter, demanding they take down things that made him look bad.

Considering that Schiff directly lied about having evidence of Trump working with Russia, it’s not too hard to make him look bad.

What’s Next?

The GOP-led Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government is investigating this intimidation of Taibbi.

In further testimony before them, he noted the attempt to use Twitter to “censor” and “control” Americans had met a lot of pushback.

Democrats on the subcommittee mocked Taibbi, saying he’s just a loser who makes up rumors. They also demanded he give up his sources on the Twitter Files.

Well, which is it: is he just a gossip-monger with nothing serious to say or are you hungry for his sources to silence and punish them?

The Biden regime and the IRS are completely out of control. Here’s hoping Jordan and the committee can hold them accountable.