Is Putin Threatening to Nuke the United States?

In the early morning on Thursday, Russian troops descended on Ukraine from all sides. Missiles hit and artillery fired. Aircraft mobilized and tanks began rolling as Russian battalion tactical groups moved in.

This is not a drill. This is the biggest invasion in Europe since World War II. Hundreds have already died and it is likely to get far worse.

Why is this all happening? There are many reasons. They mostly have to do with Russia’s desire to regain its former size and power under the Soviet Union and, before that, under the Russian Empire.

Putin Threatens Anyone Who Interferes

In his speech explaining the reason for war, Putin said Ukraine shouldn’t even be an independent country and it must be “liberated” from the “Kyiv regime.”

Translation: he’s going to invade Ukraine because it’s become too pro-Western and he wants Russia’s hands back in its business.

During this speech, Putin also gave a stark threat. He said if any nation tries to fight for Ukraine, they will be hit back worse than any time in all of “history.”

Putin said Russia would have an “immediate” response so devastating it would be beyond what anyone is currently even imagining.

He then referenced Russia’s nuclear strength and its status as a world nuclear power. He said he hopes Russia’s enemies “hear” what it is he’s saying.

This understandably caused quite a bit of concern here and in Europe. We want to know if we’re the target of nuclear strike plans by Putin and Russia!

Biden Reacts

The danger posed by Putin and Russia clearly isn’t only to Ukraine; at this point, nobody knows just how far – and how bad – this war could get.

What is clear is Putin has become completely devoid of conscience; he will take this exactly as far as he wants to. Could that potentially include some kind of shock nuclear launch at the United States?

A reporter asked Joe Biden exactly that, since he is our commander-in-chief, but Biden’s answer was less than reassuring.

In fact, our POTUS simply said he has “no idea.” Do you feel like you’re in good hands yet?

We Need Adults in the Room

Russia is run by a ruthless former spy who is obsessed with enriching and empowering his nation, even if it means killing a lot of innocent people.

Our nation is led by a doddering old man who can’t remember how to talk and is doing nothing to stop Putin’s aggression.

John Kerry is even out there still talking about how he hopes Russia still cares about climate change. 

We need adults back in the room. Russia is not playing around. This will spiral out of control even worse if we continue to allow this clown to get away with his reckless incompetence.