It Begins: Man Gets Microchip in Hand

Technology is accelerating at lightning speed and some worrying developments are happening. This includes microtechnology, which is now ready to be implanted in people as a form of payment, ID, and more.

While many conspiracies have made the rounds about these developments, there are also various religious prophecies that consider these to be a part of the coming end of the world.

What’s clear is the idea of people having chips in their hands and a future digital world currency is anything but a conspiracy: it’s a coming reality.


A 40-year-old British man called Arnie Szoke recently became the first UK man to get a microchip in his hand. He uses it to pay for things instead of bothering to have a bank card or whip out his smartphone.

He said it’s easy to use but not everyone trusts it and his wife wouldn’t get one. The chip is extremely small and is about the size of a pin, .5 mm in width.

Szoke praises the chip for its convenience and for helping him avoid losing money and things from his wallet. He doesn’t buy into fear about the chip or conspiracies surrounding such things.

That’s nice for Szoke that he’s so trusting about the brave new world, but the truth is there’s a lot to be afraid of.

For one thing, once currency goes digital it’s much easier to be turned on and off by a central government that can decide to track and control everything you do.

For another thing, chipping can eventually be made into your whole life, holding all your ID, bank accounts, and medical information in one place. Have it removed or deactivated and you’re dead.

The Problem With Digital Transformation

The problem with digital transformation is that despite its many advantages, it puts far too much power in the hands of too few.

The American republic and other democratic systems are intended to put a check against tyrannical power. Though once you transform money and security into a central and controllable digital location, you put all the power into a few hands.

What’s even worse is this is already partly accomplished through online centralization and smartphones, where people can be locked out and have accounts shut down if they displease leaders.

We saw this in Canada, for example, when Justin Trudeau froze the bank accounts of people supporting the trucker freedom convoy. He used a flimsy excuse that they were threatening national security, which was not in any way true.

What the Globalists Want

The globalists want a one-world currency, microchipped humans, and full control. Far too many seem like they will easily go along with it.

America needs to keep waking up because a lot of the rest of the world is clearly fast asleep.