January 6 Blown Wide Open As the Truth About Undercover Agents and Informants Comes Out

The events of January 6, 2021 have been an obsession of the left ever since they happened. The entire Biden regime has gone out of its way to chase down, identify, and jail as many people as possible tied to that day.

Despite the fact that everyone who died on J6 was a Trump supporter, the far left won’t let it go. Now, the truth is finally coming out about the number of undercover agents and informants present and active on that day.

The Truth About J6

Sworn testimony in court revealed there were at least 100 undercover agents present and active on January 6. Some of them took part in defacing and destruction of property, as well as inciting the violence that occurred.

We are talking about informants and agents from the local level in DC all the way up to state and federal agencies, including the FBI.

This was a giant sting operation incited by agents and provocateurs doing their best to get regular Trump supporters to get angry and do bad things. This was a giant setup.

There are over 11,000 hours of footage from January 6 that haven’t even been released because they show undercover agents doing crimes inside the Capitol.

It turns out this sick witch hunt ended up pointing the finger right back at the smug mug of the FBI and Biden regime itself. Now, they want the evidence locked up so they don’t get locked up.

The Rot Goes Deep

The globalist rot goes deep. The FBI had people inside the Oath Keepers, throughout the Proud Boys, and in every other possible place.

Confidential Human Sources (CHS) at the federal level were set in every possible place leading up to J6 and in the events of that day.

This staged media event was a setup from start to finish. It was a psyop of the level even the former Soviet Union would be proud. This was sick, dangerous, and treasonous entrapment.

The Bottom Line

Not only was J6 a setup to destroy Trump and his movement, but it was also a place where undercover FBI agents committed crimes.

These globalist traitors have no shame; they deserve to be exposed for every single crime and deception they have committed.