Joe Biden Announces a ‘New World Order’

Joe Biden came into office in January 2021, promising America a better future. He said he’d beat COVID, restore national unity, and jumpstart our economy.

A year in and we have record inflation, a lost war in Afghanistan, a world war brewing up in Ukraine, and a southern border swamped with cartels and illegals.

There’s never been a president so out of touch with ordinary Americans, and there’s never been an administration so full of arrogant elites who hate normal Americans.

However, Biden says everything is going to be just fine, because we are going to lead a New World Order. Yes, he actually said it.

Biden: ‘World Economy’ Going to Shift to a ‘New World Order’

Speaking to a group of business folk yesterday, Biden opened up about the chaos that’s gripping the world economy. As Russia’s month-old invasion of Ukraine shows no signs of stopping, it’s clear we’re on the brink of some very dark times.

Here at home, Biden has done everything he can to block domestic energy production and has tried to force our country to “go green” with his Build Back Better agenda.

Even though the BBB bill failed to pass, Biden is doing everything he can outside of Congress to force through its ideas.

Most Americans who aren’t brainwashed have already caught on to what is going on: the Great Reset and a shift to a new high-tech slave system.

You don’t have to believe in any conspiracies to notice it either: the Great Reset is simple, really. It simply means large central governments will control as much as possible about you and your life and starve or jail you if you don’t comply.

Is this the “New World Order” Biden is speaking about?

‘A Lot of People Died’

Speaking in a very creepy way, Biden talked about how 1900 to 1946 saw “a lot of people” die and led to the creation of a “liberal world order.”

In fact, Biden mentioned that “60 million people died,” the majority through the world wars and the evil of communism.

Though nowadays, it’s going to get even worse and the “chaos” will surpass what happened last century, according to Biden. The world’s economy is “shifting,” Biden says, and it’s time for America to lead that.

Two things here: the America Joe Biden is referring to is not America.

It’s a global government project led by insane people who admire China and want to force a one-world digital currency on us. It’s led by the kind of psychopaths who pushed a fake vaccine and destroyed our businesses for two years.

Second thing:

The Bottom Line

Whatever excuses you will hear for Biden’s New World Order and how it’s actually a good thing, keep in mind the elites will always tell you that you need to give up your freedom for a convincing reason.

It’s always a scam, and you should always know they are lying.