Joe Biden Called Out By the Washington Post

In the weeks and months leading up to the midterms, Joe Biden has lied through his teeth, all for the purpose of running cover for Democrats.

Biden knows that Democrats are losing their elections and failing to win over the American people. Democrats are notoriously struggling to please Independent voters or make inroads with Americans who are concerned about inflation.

The strategy of lying to kingdom come isn’t working out so well for the president though. Democrats are projected to lose the House and the Senate today.

Meanwhile, Biden’s lies have gotten so out of pocket that even the Washington Post is now calling him out, as documented by Newsmax.

Reviewing the Washington Post’s Critique of Biden

A fact-checker for the Washington Post handed the president a “bottomless Pinocchio” classification, due to his lies about a variety of issues. These issued involved Biden’s travels, gas prices, Social Security checks, etc.

This is remarkable for a host of reasons. Though the most important one of all is that the Washington Post is far from a right-wing publication. If anything, the Post leans left; so for it to call out Biden to this extent truly speaks volumes about his levels of dishonesty.

The Washington Post’s “bottomless Pinocchio” assessment of the president comes as other mainstream media outlets are starting to call out Biden. Even networks like CNN and MSNBC are having to concede that polls and the economy aren’t working in the president’s favor.

More Fact-checking

As it turns out, the Washington Post is not the only source fact-checking Joe Biden.

Ever since Twitter was bought out by Elon Musk, the platform’s fact-checker has been calling out the president and the White House when they lie in tweets. In some cases, these fact-checks have led to the White House actually taking down tweets.

At this point, the president has to continue to be held accountable when he’s not honest. Biden is lying about policies, their impacts on the country, and other serious issues, many of which involve national security.

It is unclear whether or not the Washington Post will continue to hold Biden’s feet to the fire. Though it’s safe to assume that unless Biden and the White House start being honest on social media, there are going to be a lot more fact-checks coming their way.

With the midterm elections now ending, it remains to be seen how Biden chooses to conduct himself for what remains of his presidency.

Are you surprised to learn the Washington Post fact-checked Joe Biden, despite the publication being fairly left-wing? Do you believe these fact-checks will keep on coming?

In the comments area, you are more than welcome to let us know what you make of this and what you believe comes next.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.